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*Mature Content*

Like the snake that he was, Jason slithered through the elevator doors just as they were about to close, startling me into taking a huge step backwards.

My senses were assaulted by the scent of his signature cologne that I could recognize anywhere. A wide grin spread across Jason’s face as he sidled up closer to me.

“Where have you been hiding? I called you last night and you didn’t pick up.”

I rolled my eyes and didn’t answer. Of all the days I had decided to work really late, Jason had too. We had to be the only ones left in the building.

“Cat got your tongue or am I getting the silent treatment for not calling you back sooner?”

I remained quiet and focused on the elevator buttons.

“Okay, have it your way babe…”

Without taking his eyes away from me, Jason reached over to the elevator buttons and slid his fingers down the length of all the remaining floors.

My mind flashed back to the last time he had used those fingers on me…I shook those thoughts free as I cursed each and every button lit up like they were on fire.

“Why the hell did you do that?!”

“I don’t know…” he laughed. “But now you’re talking to me, right?”

“You’re so childish! What you did is going to make it such a slow ride down now!”

“Going down…nice and slow is my specialty…remember?”

My face flushed in anger and embarrassment but the rest of my body quietly started to betray me.

“Now that we have plenty of time going down, answer my question. Where have you been and why haven’t you been taking my calls?”

Jason was now too close for comfort and turning me on when I didn’t want to be.

“That’s none of your business. And I didn’t pick up because you only call me when you’re drunk and alone,” I spat back.

The rumor was that Jason was on the prowl and in rare form since his ex-girlfriend had dumped him.

How am I turned on when I don’t want to be? And why does this fool have such an effect on me?

Jason took another step towards me and I found myself backed up against the elevator wall. He stared down at me with such laser focus that I had nowhere to look but at him. The automated female elevator voice chimed in just before the doors slid open.

29th floor.

When the doors closed, we were still staring at each other, his body inches away from mine.

“Are we going to say nothing for the next 28 floors? Or should we continue talking about going down…”

“Shut up!”

He chuckled and inched even closer until the elevator opened again.

28th floor.

“You’re wrong you know…”

“About what?”

His finger slowly trailed along my arm, to my shoulder and then up to my cheek. I swatted his hand away but he took it in stride.

“About being drunk and alone. I was only one of those two things last night. Want to take a guess at which one it was?”

His finger returned to my arm but this time found its way to my hip.

“No…because I don’t care.”

27th floor.

Now, the palm of his hand seared through the fabric of my skirt but I didn’t push it away.

“Yeah, you care. And you’re not as angry as you pretend to be.”

“Look, I don’t care and I am angry.”

“Angry enough to get off this elevator at the next floor?” Jason challenged me.

26th floor.

I thought about getting out.

But I didn’t.

“Hmmm, like I said. I guess not angry enough…”

His hand slid behind my thigh and yanked it up so that he was tightly wedged against my pelvis.

“What are you doing?”

I panicked looking through the glass of the elevator to see if anyone was around.

“Well, if you won’t get off of the elevator, the least I can do is get you off in the elevator, right?” Jason muttered into my neck as his fingers found themselves where they should not have been in public.

I had no control over the sounds that escaped my lips as the elevator voice became our background music.

25th floor.

24th floor.

23rd floor.

“Jason, someone could see us…” I managed to whisper.

“It’s 10:00pm. Believe me, no one is around babe…”

I braced my head against the wall and gave in to him.

22nd floor.

21st floor.

20th floor.

19th floor.

When he felt my body release and shudder, Jason quickly undid his belt just as a realization hit me.



“Jason…say my name.”


He ignored me and continued to undo his belt.

“You heard me. Say my name or stop what you are doing.”

Jason stopped cold and stared at me, wondering if I was serious.

“Come on babe. Don’t be…”

I pushed him away and smoothed my skirt back into place as if nothing had happened. All I wanted was a long hot shower to scrub off the stupid sign etched onto my forehead.

“Yeah…just what I thought. You don’t remember my name, do you?”

Jason slowly refastened his belt and readjusted himself, guilt plastered on his face.

“That’s ridiculous! Of course I do…!”

But then Jason didn’t utter another word until we hit the lobby.

Utter silence except for the elevator voice.

“Wait!” Jason called after me as I exited the elevator before he could.

Though I was mortified, I tried to play aloof and nonchalant.

“Thanks for the ride Jason…See you around,” I threw at him over my shoulder and I hurried out the revolving doors to the parking lot.

But as I slammed my car door and revved the engine, I knew full well that if Jason ever called me again, I might still be foolish enough to pick up.

All Rights Reserved Β©2017 Marquessa Matthews.

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