#WriterWednesday: To Write Means More Than… #writer #writing

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Quote & graphic credit to: http://refe99.com/quotes/writing/

When you share your writing, feeling vulnerable is something you may never overcome.

What if others have negative feedback or tell you that your writing is utter garbage?

I know that I’ve had that experience.

Negative feedback can make you feel like giving up and never writing anything again.

But have you thought that maybe it’s what those people want? To cripple your spirit and encorage you to give up?

Think about it.

If you give up, will more of your time be spent with or on them?

Is the negativity coming from those who may want to bring you down because of their own insecurities?

Or do they just want to knock the wind out of your sails for the sheer pleasure of it?

But don’t think about it for too long.

Take a deep breath and put their negativity away while you get on with doing what you need to do. And when your mind is quiet, think about if the feedback is constructive or not.

If it’s not constructive criticism, it’s a simple dislike of your genre and/or story itself, keep moving.

But no matter what you do, don’t stop writing if it gives you pleasure!

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