“Breaking the Unbreakable”

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My spirit was free and unbreakable until I met you.

But you succeeded in breaking what was unbreakable in me.

You killed them.

The inexperienced girl who would have done anything for you.

The experienced woman who got down on her knees for you.

Your promise of a love story for two was a lie

And you’ll never know about the horror story for three that almost saw the light of day.

Now it’s my chance to return to the day before we met and erase all other traces of you.

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13 thoughts on ““Breaking the Unbreakable”

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  2. Have any of us escaped heartbreak, disappointment, and betrayal? But “the horror story for three that almost saw the light of day” packs such a punch, your story is a knockout1

    Is it necessary to include wording from the prompt to meet the challenge?

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Sue. Prose is not my forté but I give it a go from time to time.☺ No… You can use the lyric, parts of it, other lyrics from the song or just write what comes to mind from the essence of the song…basically anything!😉

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