#SongLyricSunday Theme Reveal for 10/1/17 – “Traveling”

If you love music, start digging through your music collection!
It’s time for This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time #Song Lyric Sunday Reveal…”Traveling”!
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M xoxo

This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

Marquessa and I had so much fun in September that we are going to keep this train rolling for the next two months (and maybe longer if she’s up for it).  So, this week, the lyric Simply Marquessa chose was: “I’ve been all around the world and as a matter of fact, there’s only one place left I wanna go…” I would have picked the theme “home”, but we’ve already covered that one, so I had to get creative again with this one.  Well, maybe not creative, but I had to think of something that wasn’t the obvious choice.

I think everyone loves getting away and exploring the world.  I’m sad to say that I haven’t seen much of it, but I’m still hoping to see more of it one day soon.  To be honest, I thought I would have more to say about the theme, but I guess it’s…

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