I thrive on writing challenges.

From the first WordPress Blogging University courses to NaNoWriMo‘s (50K words in 30 days) and to the A to Z Challenge (26 themed post during the month of April), writing challenges get my juices flowing. During the last A to Z Challenge, I pushed myself hard to finish the day’s letter of the alphabet before the clock struck midnight and though I was running on fumes, the sense of accomplishment each night and exchanging with other WP participants kept me going. It was almost like magic.

But now, I want to thrive on “life enhancement” challenges…

I tried to apply the challenge concept to my non-writing life with my 52 Things in 52 Weeks and though I did accomplish a number of items (and I still will), my list was more tasks and “to-do” driven.

So before the 2018 New Year crazy hype begins, I want to start focusing on developing 12 new habits life that will enhance my life by tackling 1 habit per month for 30 days in a row.

It supposedly takes 21 days to develop a habit so 30 days would solidly reinforce it, right?

Since the WP community is a great way to source other like-minded people with similar interests, I’m looking for a tribe of bloggers/writers who would like to join in with their own 12 challenges.

As a “tribe” (yes, I’m using that young hip and trendy word that is all over the internet machine) we would each post the habit we are going to slay for 30 days and the “why” behind it, we would support each other and then post about the lessons, successes and not-so-successful experiences on our respective blogs.

It could be any habit and does not have to relate to blogging and/or writing, for example, making your bed, leaving work on time to get home, reconnecting/connecting with a different friend via Bluetooth in the car as you drive home, giving up sugar, bringing your lunch to work every day…It could be anything YOU feel would make a difference in YOUR life.

I already know what my first 30 day challenge will be Miracle Morning + #21earlydays

NaNoWriMo will fit nicely into the Mircale Morning and #21earlydays since my plan is to write my 1,667 words early in the morning.

I’ll post more details about this #30DayChallenge next Tuesday.

If you were to join in with me, what would one your 12 items be?

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26 thoughts on “#30DayChallenge: Will You Come Out And Play? #tribetuesday

  1. Hey girl! I guess I’m already doing this new habit thing! ;). I’m actually making up my bed every day…even tho I’m home and out of work due to my current situation! And I’m pushing myself to write more everyday whether it’s blogging or that book I’m dying to finish! My biggest challenge is training my pup Hailey every day. So I have 3 new habits I’m attempting daily. ☺

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            1. I’ll be starting #21earlydays on November 1 as my first habit to coincide with NaNoWriMo. I know the power of getting up at 4:30/5:00am while on vacation but want to do it on a regular basis. It’s amazing what you can get done in those quiet magical hours.

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  2. Count me in! This is the perfect challenge for me. I have so many habits I’m trying to develop on a daily basis, from eating healthier/cleaner, to self-care/personal hygiene, to arriving/leaving work on time, using my time wisely (I waste sooo much time!), and of course writing on a daily basis (not just on my blog) and getting back into regularly submitting to magazines.

    And there’s one habit I must break (the one bad habit that keeps me from developing all the good ones listed above)… PROCRASTINATING!!!!

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    1. Well, we’ll focus on one habit and only one at a time, right? I fall off the wagon when I try to multi-attempt things but my first one, #21earlydays will have a few subsets like 30 minute treadmill, a clean smoothie and 1667 words before leaving for work.


  3. This is definitely a challenge I should do… because I’ve developed a lot of bad habits… especially since I’ve been out of work. Some of the things I’d want to tackle are kind of embarrassing… so it might be hard for me to share. Maybe no one will see this so I will share one — I tend to get up and drive the kids to school and then come home, have breakfast, do stuff around the house… and THEN shower. I really need to shower as soon as I get back from dropping off the kids (or before). I feel better when I do but it doesn’t happen every day like it should…

    Pathetic, right?

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    1. Hey you! No “shoulds” remember? If you do, you could choose NOT to define what it is…you could simply say “why” you are doing it, what you hope to gain for the better and how it went. One or two posts a month. And no, that’s not pathetic. I often do that without the kid drop-off!😊


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