#30DayChallenge: One Thing For Thirty Days #tribetuesday


One thing for 30 days in a row…then repeat with another challenge for the next 30 days…

You can read what I shared in this post but like I said before, if I can thrive on writing challenges, I can find a way to thrive on twelve “life” challenges that I feel would enhance my life.

#30DayChallenge is about 12 new habits life that will enhance my life, by tackling 1 habit per month for 30 days in a row. I’ll be starting my first challenge on November 1 BEFORE the 2018 New Year New You crazy hype begins. I’ll tell you more about it next Tuesday.

I’m not reinventing the wheel with this challenge. If you google “30 day challenges”, you will find TONS of information online. It was actually Matt Cutts TED talk that piqued my curiosity.

You can check it out below:

Since the WP community is a great way to source other like-minded people, I’d love to join up with a tribe of 12 blogger/writers who would like to join in with their own challenges.

For those of you who already expressed an interest, THANK YOU! I’ll be testing out an app I discovered where I might be able to create a “Group”…TBD. And for those of you thinking about it, I hope you DARE yourself to eventually join in.

Before I list some resources and ideas, I want to be clear about what this challenge is NOT about.

This challenge is NOT about:

  1. increasing the number of followers I have or you have – its about supporting and sharing experiences about our respective goals – maybe you’ll find another doing the same one as you! ;
  2. tackling something that you “think” that you “should” do (or that someone else thinks that you should be doing). This challenge is about what you “WANT” to accomplish for YOU;
  3. keeping up with the Jones. There is a huge difference in motivation between thinking that you “should” go jogging every day because the skinny next door neighbor lady does it and “wanting” to go jogging every day because it lifts your spirits, clears your head and you used to love doing it.

And just to be clear, I’m not involved in affiliate endorsing and don’t mention products for financial compensation – any and all mentions I may make are purely because I feel that they are “share-worthy”.

You can check out the page I created below for detailed information and to list your participation:

#30DayChallenge Page

And here are a few resources to help inspire your own list.

See you next Tuesday!

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6 thoughts on “#30DayChallenge: One Thing For Thirty Days #tribetuesday

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  2. I think my first challenge will be to stop procrastinating. That’s my biggest problem at the moment. And I won’t procrastinate and wait until the “New Year New Me” hype to start it either. 😉

    I think how I’ll approach it is I’ll find various tasks I typically procrastinate on, or obstacles that usually cause my procrastination, and each week of the month work on that particular task or obstacle (so seven days straight) so that by the end of the 30 days, I’ll have beaten my curse of procrastination! Hopefully…fingers crossed. I’ve kinda already started that with certain things like hair care and meal planning/prepping, so these will be additional things I procrastinate on. But I’m giving away too much already. I’ll save the details for my intro post next Tuesday!

    By the way, I got your email. I will not procrastinate. I will answer it tonight when I’m on my home computer!

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