#WriterWednesday: #NaNoWrimo 2017!

I’m doing NaNoWrimo!

Though I formally signed up on their website, I won’t be “buddying up” this year. From past experience, I’ve never had time to really chat with “NaNoWriMo buddies” on the NaNoWriMo site so I’m taking that part of the pressure off of myself by being…anti-social.Yeah, I’m a party pooper who is still learning about being realistic about her limitations.

Last year I got to 30k words with a bad back but hopefully this year I will reach the 50k like my first time.

My plan is to draft the bones to “Living To Die” Part 2 and when I need a change of pace, short stories based on my characters Delaney and Ella.

Since I’ll be elbow deep in word counts and my #TribeTuesdayWPChallenge, my social media interactions with you will be limited this month but my #1MinFiction, #MarquessaChallenge and #SongLyricSunday posts will continue.

If you are participating in NanoWriMo, GOOD LUCK!

M xoxo









3 thoughts on “#WriterWednesday: #NaNoWrimo 2017!

  1. Good luck! I like that change of pace idea. I think I might take that approach with my novel. Whenever I get stuck on a particularly plot point, I’ll just switch things up and write it from a different character’s perspective.

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