I almost decided to skip the update about my first challenge due to certain current circumstances but I made a promise to myself about “accountability” so here it goes.

Believing In Miracles 1.0” was about doing the Miracle Morning Challenge by waking up early for thirty days to accomplish priorities important to me.

I’ll get into deeper details next week but I can say that I am a true believer in the practice now.

The Good

  • I have consistently gotten up at 4:30/5:00am every day, even on the colder mornings when crawling deeper under the covers and hitting snooze would have been my first thought. Instead, because I “set my intention” the night before, I was ready to roll the moment I opened my eyes.
  • There is definitely something seductive about secretly starting your day when it’s still dark outside and everyone is still asleep. It felt just like all the times on the island when I would write and watch the sunrise.
  • The first few mornings, I downed a glass of apple vinegar water, got on the treadmill and slay my daily word count for #NaNoWriMo with no issues.
  • It was a welcomed change to leisurely slow down and enjoy a coffee as I got ready for my workday.
  • I almost felt like I was in vacation-mode.

The Bad

I wasn’t thoroughly prepared enough.

  • Making a lunch in the morning, cleaning up the kitchen and spending tio long on my cell ate into precious time that I could have been doing another “priority”.
  • Staying up to watch “This Is Us” and “Scandal” was a foolish thing, made me miss my self-imposed bedtime and led to feeling excruciatingly sleepy the following afternoon. Yes, I am probably the only old schooler who still watches tv programs at their assigned night and time on tv, not Netflix.
  • Incorporating the meditation and visualization steps of #MM were way more difficult than I thought so I stopped after the first day.

What’s Next?

  • Incorporate mediation. If it doesn’t work, use that time to create a gratitude list.
  • Make my lunchs for the week on a given day so that they are grab and go.
  • Increase treadmill time.
  • Go to bed by 10pm.

Final thought on week #1?

All in all, it’s only been 7 days of early rise but this is a habit that I will surely consider keeping.

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15 thoughts on “#30DayChallenge: Believing In Miracles 1.1 #tribetuesday

  1. It’s amazing what you can do when you get up an hour before the sun! It’s funny that you mention staying up to watch your favorite shows. I finally buckled down and got a Hulu subscription because I’ve basically given up live TV this month. Since last Tuesday, I’ve only watched football and the weather channel!

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    1. I squeezed every last credit out of my service provider so cutting the cord to save $10/month isn’t worth it. But I barely watch tv and always forget what evening it is!🙄 But I am loving the quietness of 5am…

      Liked by 1 person

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