Song Lyric Sunday Theme Reveal for 11/26/17: “Obsession”

What are you “obsessing” about these days?

Join in on this week’s Song Lyric Sunday Theme and choose a song that fits the bill!

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This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

I am admittedly obsessive/compulsive but I am also a procrastinator, which doesn’t lend itself well to certain chores around the house.  I’ve spent most of the day today on a mission to fix a few things that have been bugging me since we moved in.  While finding a hex nut for our futon should have been a one and done sort of deal, I’ve now made a trip to Walmart and one to Lowe’s and I still don’t have the right one.  I suppose I should have thought of taking the darn screw with me the first time around, but I was trying to make it “easy” on my self.  Who knew you couldn’t really eyeball the size of a hex nut…

I’m not sure if I’m describing obsessive behavior, except that I’ve been obsessing about it all day and I would still love to run to the store to…

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