“In My System”

This fiction* was written for Nortina’s #1MinFiction Challenge at Lovely Curses.

This week’s prompt was a photo of a shopping mall

*This piece was not drafted in “one” minute. For this piece, I took “one” minute to rethink the MC’s viewpoint.

“In My System”

Brian and I were sitting in the food court at the Eaton Centre shopping mall when I sensed her.

I looked up from the plate of pad sew that I had been shoving into my system and saw her maneuvering her coffee, purse and large shopping bags to find herself somewhere to sit.

Lily’s back.

I observed as she found a table, gently sat her coffee down and secured her gear neatly under the table. Then, she pulled out her cell and started texting. My hand immediately covered my own cell, expecting it to vibrate with a text from her.

But of course it didn’t.

It’s not me that she is texting anymore.

“What’s wrong?”

Brian’s voice broke through my thoughts when he noticed my hand on my cell and I quickly took it away. Instead of answering, I gestured my head to where Lily was sitting.

Brian’s mouth formed an “Oh” when he saw her.

“Lily’s back?”

“Obviously,” I muttered, shoveling a forkful of noodles into my mouth though I had lost my appetite. I was annoyed at how unaffected Lily appeared.

“Did you know that she was back in town?”


“Are you going to go talk to her?”


Brian didn’t press the issue but his eyes shifted from her to me. I knew better than to listen to my heart and kept my ass glued to my chair. Most of the time, I wished that I’d never met her but days like today, I wasn’t so sure. I had let Lily get too deep into my system.

“How many times have you been in love?”

“Twice,” I said without hesitation.

Lily slipped her cell into her purse and suddenly looked in my direction as if she felt me staring. Before our eyes could make four, I pretended to focus on my plate. With my fork back in action, filling the void in me had everything to do with hunger but not the kind that food could ever fill.

“Twice? Really?”

“Yeah. And both times it’s been with her.”

©2017 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Monday’s One-Minute Fiction challenges you to write a complete micro-fiction piece in, you guessed it, one minute, no more, no less, based on the prompt provided! Of course, you can come back to edit for grammar & spelling, but the story itself must be written in a minute. Your prompt may be a photo, or a word, or a sentence—whatever inspires me, and hopefully inspires you too.



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