“The Baby Conspiracy” #fiction #holidayshortfiction

*Christmas-flavored fiction*

“Don’t ever do it.”

Her voice is a whisper over the phone. I assume that people are in the room with her because she sounds afraid of being overheard and there is holiday music in the background.

“Don’t do what?” I’m confused since all I asked was how she and the baby are doing now they are finally home after all the complications.

“Have a baby. Don’t do it. It’s a trick. One huge fucking conspiracy.”


“I’m telling you, it’s a fucking trick. All of your friends with kids encourage you to do it, tell you how great and rewarding it is. But it’s not true. They just want you to jump into that miserable, sinking ship so that you can drown with them.”

How am I supposed to respond to that?

“You’re just exhausted after all that you went through and have post-baby blues. I know that you must be missing your mother too and it’s also almost Christmas so you’re stressed out…”

“All I want for Christmas is my fucking life back! This has to be a conspiracy because they all know awful it really is before you do it and push you to do it. They only tell you the fucking truth after its too late,” she continues to whisper as if I didn’t even say a word.

Hormones, exhaustion, the burden of new mommy-hood responsibilities and the holiday season are taking a huge toll on her. She needs to vent to someone outside her family, someone who isn’t going to judge her for feeling unmommy-like.

But strangely enough, it isn’t the first time I’ve heard that theory from a few women in my entourage.

Is she right? Is there some kind of conspiracy going on?

As I remember all the lonely days of finding the courage to give myself the strict regimen of injections, I slide my hand across my secretly growing belly and am no longer sure I want to put that theory to the test all by myself.

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.

Originally posted on February 4, 2016, adapted in December 2017

This fiction inspired by this article.









34 thoughts on ““The Baby Conspiracy” #fiction #holidayshortfiction

  1. Interesting article and your story was great. I think she has postpartum and maybe is seeing or hearing things too. Her family needs to help her with the baby and she needs to go into hospital and get treated. Post Partum can get worse if you don’t deal with it. For my Baba it developed into schizophrenia so you don’t want it to not deal with it.

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  2. Surely she wouldn’t be foolish enough to end her own pregnancy based off another woman’s postpartum….the new mother needs help immediately! It does get overwhelming but even more so if she’s going at it alone.

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  3. Ah the baby stage. I didn’t love it. I don’t run around telling people that I don’t like the baby phase, because as often as not they get looks on their faces that lead me to believe they are going to call social services on me. I adore my daughter, but when she was new? Well, it took us some time to grow on each other. Crazy new moms lose their filter, and I can totally see this interaction happening. Your story rings true to me. Nice work!

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  4. Great story! As a mom, I STRONGLY believe not everyone is cut out for parenting. It is a joy, but it is HARD work. Too often, we tend to sugar coat the reality, and I believe many women are afraid to admit the very same fears expressed here. I applaud you for taking on this very real, almost taboo topic in your fiction.

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  5. Truth is, parenthood is not easy. It is incredibly demanding, and you need to forget about yourself for very very long periods of time. All the mothers who will tell you that it is all fun and glitters are big liars 😉 especially the very first months, I remember it as being so draining, physically and emotionally. The real secret (to me) is to still take time for yourself. To recharge your batteries. It is essential, even if you feel you don’t have time for it. Even a little nap can do wonders, or just 1h break to go to the hairdresser to feel like a human again 😉

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  6. I don’t think anything can truly prepare a first-time mom for the brutal reality that is caring for a newborn. Sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, a body that doesn’t feel like your own and a baby that has constant needs… it is HARD. No one ever tells you how hard it really is. I remember feeling this way when I had my first. The best thing I ever did? Absolutely. All rainbows and glitter? No way.

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