Blue Christmas #weekendcoffeeshare #christmas #life

The decorations used to be perfectly placed and the Christmas tree ready to light on Dec 1.

Maybe too early for you but I’ve always preferred to “slow decorate” and enjoy the “Christmas feeling” for an entire month, remembering those warm and fuzzy times as a kid when I could spend hours sitting at the foot of the family tree to watch the lights dance and figure out how those 1970s “bubble lights” worked (remember those?). And if it happened to be snowing outside our family’s living room bay window while I sat there reading Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” for the upteenth time, it was almost like Christmas heaven.

But this year, I seem to have lost that “Christmas” feeling.

I have yet to hang up one decoration or pull the Christmas tree out of the garage and I’m not sure that I will.

Instead of thinking about the relaxed holiday pace and the wonderful times to come with family and friends, my thoughts keep drifting to things I can’t control.  Worrying about things that haven’t happened, may not happen for a long time and who may not be around next Christmas.

So no, I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit. It’s more of a bah humbug mood that will hopefully disappear in the next few days.

What kind of Christmas mood are YOU in?

M  xoxo


34 thoughts on “Blue Christmas #weekendcoffeeshare #christmas #life

  1. Two of my three children can’t be here for Christmas so I’m pretty much over it. 😄

    I’m cooking up tasty dishes but I do that year-round, however, I DID send out Christmas cards so Merry Christmas to me! 😝

    Have a couple of holiday-inspired cocktails! Wait…we do that year-round too! 😂 Ok – I got nothing!

    Play Luther Vandross’ Christmas album. If nothing else, at least it’s good music. 😉

    Merry Christmas! 💕

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  2. My Christmas spirit sailed ship in 2013 and hasn’t been back since. I find that it’s just one big celebration of commercialism these days anyway. Let’s see how many people go crazy with their money in this short period amount of time! Yay! Once you get older, it loses its charm. The upside when I was a kid was that I didn’t have to go to school. 😂😂

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    • Yeah, I was never into the commercialism and neither was my family growing. We didn’t have overflowing funds and even if we had, that’s not how our folks rolled. Christmas would have more charm if everyone just slowed down and chilled.


  3. I was halfway between “yay” and “humbug” this year. I got the decorating done first weekend of December, but not even close to what I normally do. I looked at all the totes and thought “I do not want to repack all this crap in a month!” so we only put up the bare basics.

    Christmas music is a good idea, or maybe some holiday scented candles? Usually, whatever triggers my nostalgia gets me in the festive mood the fastest and for this holiday, that’s a lot of different aromas. Wrapping paper, fir trees, sugar cookies, etc… You already have the snow part, so that’s more Christmasy than we are here! 🙂 (I actually shooed a bee off my porch today, no joke).

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    • A few years back, I had the same thought about packing up ALL that stuff after just a few weeks so that’s why I used to start decorating in November to flip the switch on Dec 1 – you know, have an entire month to enjoy. Yes, on the Christmas and yes on the cranberry peppermint candles. They do lift the spirits!

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  4. First… I remember (and love) those bubble lights. (But still, I’m only 29). Second… I love that picture of the smiley (and not so smiley) Christmas balls.

    And finally, I hate Christmas. I don’t think I’ve truly enjoyed it since I was a kid… but it’s gotten a LOT worse over the last several or ten years. It’s all about money. Merry Capitalism. I used to have a mug with that printed on it. I don’t know what ever happened to that…

    I’ve tried Christmas music… and to hang out with my daughter who seems most excited about this time of year. It’s helped a little, but still the financial aspect ruins all of it for me. Not just my required spending… but even the guilt I feel when people spend on me. The whole thing is stressful as hell and I have enough stress all the time… I don’t need more piled on top of that.

    Sorry… I am no help! I think the only thing I’m really looking forward to is chowing down on whatever food/desserts are at Mom’s on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    Clearly Santa has failed me!

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  5. I am in a very big Christmas mood this year! I bought my first ever Christmas tree for myself (it’s only 2 feet tall) and started my own Christmas table to make my room feel festive. I love Christmas mostly for the snow and music but this year I am really loving it.

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  6. This year I am in the Christmas mood of just eating food with family! I definately love that first photo that you attached as well. Such a great artists creation, and also brings in the spirit of Christmas. I feel like as I get older every year, I am less about the party, and more about the ones I love. I hope you and all others have a very merry Christmas! If you are interested, I wrote a Christmas story that may lighten your day. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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