Song Lyric Sunday Theme Reveal for 12/24/17 – “Danger”


That’s the theme for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday Theme Reveal! I can already think of a dozen songs!

Please be sure to participate directly on “This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time” BELOW.

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This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

I was rather surprised last week at how everyone embraced the prompt.  I thought it was way outside the “norm”, especially considering the time of year, but you all took it in stride and really made me feel like I sort of have a handle on this whole thing.  I’m just hoping you stick with me through this week too.

This prompt is also outside the “norm” of what you might think of for this holiday’s eve, but I will do my best to explain my logic.  This isn’t necessarily a safe time of year.  People go shopping and get angry and upset and they sometimes take it out on strangers.  It’s also not really safe for the old bank account.  Does anyone really save up for it?  If you do, I salute you, because I think that’s amazing.  For me, it was always a burden.  Trying to come up…

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