Baby It’s Cold Outside…

We’re going through a deep, deep freeze spell right now.

The -39 degrees Celcius weather (yes, that is a minus before the 38) we are having will continue until next week. I’ve been totally boring on my Instagram feed by posting snapshots like the one below to show just how crazy cold it is. The kind of cold where you have to keep a tap running in the house to make sure that the pipes don’t freeze.

This was Thursday’s “Real Feel”…

But as “Canucks”, we take it in stride and just keep moving. It got me thinking about how we behave when dealing with extreme cold events, at least for us Canadians.

Here are a few things hat come to mind:

  • You talk about the weather around the water cooler at work. At length. The weather really is a topic of conversation for us;
  • Your mother calls to ask you if you’re wearing the long johns she gave you at Christmas and you don’t have to lie (because you really are wearing them). You’ve also started wearing those ugly ass mittens and hat that clash with your style because they are warmer than your “prettier” pair;
  • You walk on the outer part of the sidewalk to avoid falling icicles from highrise buildings which can become daggers from the sky (I could tell you a story about that!);
  • When you say that you’re going to “plug in” your car overnight, you don’t need to explain what that means;
  • Your employer sends out an email reminding you to stay warm, “do the penguin walk” and tells you “how to fall” if it’s icy.

As you can guess, lots of us are staying in, working from home and limiting the outdoor activities. In fact, a number of outdoor New Year’s Eve events have already been cancelled!

Tell me, how cold does it get in your neck of the woods? And what do you do when you’re forced to stay indoors for extended periods of time?


M  xoxo


32 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside…

      1. That was not my intention. But my son, my grandson and I went for a surf late this afternoon. There was a light westerly blowing and the water was like glass. There was a pod of dolphins fooling around in the swell about 15 metres from us. It was me who ran out of puff first so we walked back to the house where we already had fresh fish marinating in lime, garlic and chillies. We are watching the end of the cricket now (Marquessa … probably have no hope of understanding that concept), the doors are open and we can smell the sea and will soon listen to the dull roar of the surf as we sleep.
        So … yeah … I’m gloating.

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        1. You are simple awful to me! 😆 And I can’t even jump on a plane and run away to my adopted island of San Juan because of what happened this year…but you’re making think about travelling to the sun!


  1. Similar here in Alberta. I was reading a few articles that said Alberta was officially colder than the North Pole. Yesterday was supposed to have been -38 with wind chill in some areas. I think the winds are the worst b/c they make the actual temp drop like 10 degrees. I bused and took the train home from one of our malls yesterday for some Boxing Day shopping.

    Not only were stores crazy busy, every second person you would bump into or vice versa and there was many many “oh, sorry,” each times this happened. It’s funny how Canadians are so naturally conditioned to continually apologize even in crowded spaces like the Apple store or Lululemon this time of year. You don’t think about it, you just say it, and that’s so Canadian.

    Getting back to your post, it was bitterly freezing going home on the train then walking home from the bus six blocks to my house. Tomorrow is still, supposed to suck but then it warms up here at least. Hope in the East things look better for you as well. Happy New Year too! I hope you can hide your pretty dress under a snowsuit if need be, right?

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      1. Haha a smart move! You can have a nice hot chocolate with Baileys or Red wine if you prefer, and watch the fireworks from the warmth if Home! They are doing them so early this year it’s weird, like 9:00 or 10:00 pm for family’s who are out I guess. I get it but I think they should have a midnight show too. Cheers 🥂


  2. Not so bad here in Ontario – I’m right by Lake Huron and the coldest we’ve been over the last week has been a “real feel” of -21 overnight. But the dogs haven’t been liking it at all. Short 5 minute walks with coats and waxed paws. It’s getting better though! Only -9 here today. Toronto is surprisingly colder, -11.

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      1. LOL. Back then, I drank water from the hose and ate strawberries I pulled out of the ground. There weren’t pesticides all over everything then. The best was snow cream. After the started testing bombs, we had to wait for the second snowfall…then the third…finally they said not to eat it at all because of all the crap in the atmosphere. I used to dig up Irish potatoes, brush them off and eat them raw. (I still love raw potatoes.) 😘🍓🥔

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        1. The good old days! About the icicles, years ago I was walking downtown on the sidewalk next to one of the highrise buildings they always use for shooting Hollywood movies and my 6th sense kicked in and told me to walk to the outer side of the sidewalk which I did. No less than 30 seconds later did these HUGE icicles come showering down barely missing the woman walking ahead of me. I freaked out, she freaked out, everyone freaked out. One more foot and that woman would have been speared from head to toe. Since that day, I always look up and am aware of my surroundings. Scary!


  3. Those temperatures make me shiver, but as you well know, I put in my time in the deep freeze also known as Michigan! 😀

    We’re weather crazy in Tucson too – only because it’s so hot! We start our day at 5 AM so we can be back home before the mercury begins to rise.

    Tucson city planners were definitely not honor students because brown-outs/blackouts are common here in the summer, especially July.

    We do laundry and run dishwashers and vacuum at night…so as not to upset the power grid! LOL!

    I posted temps over the summer of 113 and 114 degrees with ‘real feels’ of 125! I cannot go back to blizzard weather, but something tells me I don’t belong here either. 😀 😀 😀

    Build a fort in your living room and watch old movies, or play Volcano – hopping around on your furniture because the floor is a bed of red hot lava! 😉

    See? I helped! 😉

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    1. Yes you did help. Building a fort sounds great. Reminds me when the kids would come over, we’d move the table and chairs, throw blankets over top and watch movies from our “fort”. You also made me laugh about the laundry thing. When my red light lit up on the furnace, it means that the weather is colder than -12C and that if I use too much electricity, I’ll be paying 1,5 the regular. Well, I won’t be doing laundry for a week! 🙂


  4. It’s been in the single digits here… but “feels” below 0. (That’s F around here… not C.) Not as cold as you but I also take this as a reason not to leave the house. Of course… most days, I don’t have a reason to leave the house anyway. God, my life is depressing. Sorry.

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  5. -39?! This little birdy is not used to that kind of cold, I prefer to stay a little further south. It’s 23 degrees now (Fahrenheit, that is) and I’m huddled up in front of my space heater like it’s a fireplace! I told my mom the other day, it don’t make no sense for it to be this cold unless it’s snowing! That being said, North Carolina’s weather patterns, especially in the winter, are all over the place. Last year, after a huge snow storm (and by huge, I mean 9.5 inches — that’s a lot for us) it got down to single digits (again, Fahrenheit). Four days later, it was 70 degrees, all the snow melted. Boy, I’d love to have 70 degree temperatures right now. My toes are freezing!

    Stay warm!

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  6. I feel like I should never complain about Atlanta’s winters ever again! We’ve had snow one weekend this month and I was kinda pissed about it lol!

    Tell me what it means to plug in your car??!

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    1. -38C stops the complaining fast! Plug in the car? Hahaha. Yes our cars have a plug so we can plug it in to keep the battery warm. I remember the looks we used to get when we’d take the car down South and leave the plug hanging out by accident. People would say “oh my God! Your cars plug in up North?” 🙄

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