“Charlotte’s Nothing But A Harlot” #fiction #holidayshortfiction

*Christmas/New Year-flavored fiction*

*Mature language*

Who gives a flying fuck about New Year’s Eve?

I really don’t give a shit but it’s amusing to see how much Mariah is into the hype.

Right about now, I could be chilling at my place and making my date’s hot body my party tonight. Yeah, I could be in the sexy zone, setting off some fireworks of my own with him, multiple times because he is that skilled.

It’s just a shame that all he’s got is a Masters degree in Stupid with a minor in trying to get into the world of a top shelf woman like me. He’s not a keeper but looking at him would get any woman’s juices flowing, including mine. Temporary entertainment and a distraction is what he is to me for now. The reason why I don’t need to tell you his name.

But I digress…

Like I said, instead of getting my freak on with him, my skinny ass is sitting here on New Year’s Eve wasting time with bitch-faced Mariah and her fiancé who, by the way, can’t take his eyes off my absolutely fuckingly amazing tits.

But I can’t blame him for that because I paid good money for “the girls”. They are so spectacular that even I can’t help but touch myself whenever I stand in front of the mirror naked and admire the way my red-hair falls against my delicate skin.

And you know that saying about how curiosity killed the cat, right?

Well, my pussy is dying to know what’s behind Mariah’s sudden desire to “reconnect” with me after all these years since we parted ways.

The question is, how tempted are you to find out?

By the way, my name is Charlotte.


Hello Lovelies,

To read the rest of this piece from “Charlotte”, please visit Lennon Carlyle‘s amazing blog at “Fabulous With Glitches” where I am guest posting today. While you’re visiting Lennon’s blog, be sure to thoroughly check out her blog for a “bitchnificent” array of amazingness! You won’t be disappointed!


M xoxo

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