Song Lyric Sunday Theme Reveal for 1/7/18: “Madness”

It’s so so so cold outside. The kind of weekend where it is so cold that everyone is going nowhere fast. Indoor activities are the order of the day – cuddling up under the covers, relaxing with Netflix and eating lots of comfort foods…

It’s also a great time to unwind, listen to some good music and choose your song for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday Reveal: “Madness”.

Be sure to join in and participate directly at “This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time” by clicking on the link below. Comments will be turned off on this post.

M xoxo

This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

Whew, it’s the new year!  I almost can’t believe it.  I’ve spent most of the week not really sure if it means anything, or it’s just that cycle of life that keeps on turning and the only reason we have things like days and months and years is because we’ve given meaning to it.  I suppose time has always been tracked in some way, and I think I’d rather that than nothing at all.  I’m not one for random chaos, so I think I’ll embrace the tracking of time in it’s current form.

As much as January feels like new life and hope and twelve brand new months to fill up, it can also feel pretty bleak, especially in the part of the world I live in.  It’s cold and dreary and there’s no days off to break it up.  It can almost feel like you’re losing yourself and it’s…

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