How Addicted Are You To Blogging?

addicted to blogging

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Dear New Friends and Old Blogging Friends,

Like I mentioned in a previous post, the “pull” of blogging and networking is addictive. Making new friends, reading each others’ posts, the instant gratification of feedback…yes, it’s all very addictive.

How addicted are you to blogging? And if you’ve been blogging for years, do you fear that you will eventually run out of words?

Share with me in the comments section.

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51 thoughts on “How Addicted Are You To Blogging?

    • I know , eh? I’ve been doing it while on the treadmill, waiting in lines at the check-out, etc…Just trying to squeeze it. And today is a raining day with little on tv so it will be another perfect opportunity to try! Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Just a tad addicted. I have a professional and a personal blog and also do the writing101 course. Reading is a challenge right now but like you I search by tag. By the way, where dies the 71% come from?

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  2. Over the past week: VERY! I’m not eating, barely sleeping, and have to force myself to actually get work done — I work from home which has suddenly become dangerous because all I want to do is write and read other bloggers.

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  5. I’m hookedπŸ˜€
    I am 100% addicted to blogging but it’s been a drag for me these pasts months. I hope to pick up real soon.
    Keep up with the good workπŸ‘πŸ»

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  6. An addiction? at times. Not for the likes nor instant gratification, but for the interaction I can gather from my words. I seek reaction and response, and whether it’s positive or negative, or causes people discomfort or they don’t agree with me, I don’t really care. But what I do want is to make people think. Thinking is more important than anything else.

    I don’t fear I’ll run out of words. Fear comes from the craving for likes and instant gratification – in this case.

    Also, for the sake of irony and pun intended, commentators here are free to check out my blog.

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  7. The need to write/blog and share doesn’t tug at me as often as just wanting to read what people are thinking. I definitely look forward to reading something new daily outside of the book(s) I’m reading in “real life”. Besides WP, I only use youtube and instagram regularly, but WP gives me a great sense of community. I’ve interacted with amazing artists and writers and learn something almost everyday.

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  8. I think I have an addiction… in some ways. Partly because I’m lonely and other creep in the rest of my life.

    Running out of words? I feel like I’ve been blocked for going on four months now. It totally feels like I’m out of words. Out of ideas. Out of all of it. I feel like most of what I’ve posted since at least September has been crap. I’ve even thought about giving up completely.

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  10. yeah my blogging is actually just getting in the way of my studies.
    but it has so many advantages
    and anyways, if blogging wasnt there something else will get in the way
    anyways, it a great way for me to improve my writing and i have always wanted people to read what i write. so that good.
    anyways i m babbling. have a great day!


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