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It has become a wild and crazy world.

Where hateful words, malicious behavior and utter foolishness have somehow become commonplace, tolerated and accepted.

Where a mélange of power and ignorance can have a sickening ripple effect on the rest of the world.

Where the covert underbelly sits back and nourishes themselves on the chaos and dark energy.

But the fact remains that behaviour never lies.

And no amount of power and expensively purchased education can outweigh intelligence, love for others and class.

M  xoxo


24 thoughts on “Behaviour Never Lies #life #race

  1. I totally needed this today. Not the reminder that there is so much hate in the world which I try to push out of my daily life and keep the sunshine and rainbows around the little kidlets I nanny, but just the simple fact that behaviour never lies. Even in the simplest of actions or interactions, behaviour never lies. You can’t sit around hoping that someone will change.

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