What I “Like” About You #writerwednesday #ww

Wordpress Schwag

Photo credit: Peregrino Will Reign / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

More than likely, we met through a WordPress challenge way back when.

Or maybe I stumbled onto your blog through a blogger that I follow or we met on Twitter because I am so versed in Twitter (yes, that was sarcasm).

It’s been three years on WP and I’m still amazed at how much we all have in common when it comes to our thoughts, feelings, struggles and lives as writers.

At times, I feel like you’re writing exactly what I’m thinking.

Though “life” happens and we can’t always keep up with each other’s posts, sometimes instead of a full-fledged comment, a “Like” is still a way to say we appreciate each other and that we are still around.

I would love to comment on all the posts I read but I can’t right now. Like I mentioned in this post, I’m focusing on some non-writing projects but I’ll be keeping up with your wonderful posts when I can.

Just remember that if I “Liked” your posts, it’s because I read and enjoyed it!

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20 thoughts on “What I “Like” About You #writerwednesday #ww

  1. Awww, that is so lovely! 🙂 I always smile when I see you’ve popped by for a visit. I have so many things to draw from for your guest blogging challenge…but the words aren’t flowing yet. Just having you pop by regularly is keeping it at the forefront of my mind though. Thank you for the encouragement! x

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