Song Lyric Sunday: “Frio” – Ricky Martin ft. Wisin & Yandel #songlyricsunday

This week’s prompt for this week’s #SongLyricSunday Challenge at “This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time” is:


I didn’t want to go all sad and weepy today, especially since I’m sure that many others will post music to get me in a weepy mood…Instead, I’ll go the route of “lost love”.

Yes, this song is in Spanish but you can feel the romantic sadness between the notes.

In my interpretation of the lyrics (right or not), the woman he loves is like his religion, he loves her but she is vanishing from his life and leaving him cold. And of course, she is the one he will never forget.

Siento miedo sin ti solo me quedo
Siento como me dieron en el pecho un torpedo
Trato de borrarte de mi mente y me enredo
Yo se que tu eres me religión y mi credo
Pero no se puede siento que mi vida tiene poderes
Eres la persona que me lleva a otros niveles
Pero tu esfumas en la cama yo diciéndote duele
Y como la nieve frío frío frío

(partial lyrics)

Songwriters: Gabriel Ruiz Nogales / Jorge Carlos Martinez Casanovas / Jose Mariano Martin Hidalgo / Ricardo Digues Valverde / Ricardo Diges Valverde
Frío lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended.

14 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday: “Frio” – Ricky Martin ft. Wisin & Yandel #songlyricsunday

  1. I agree with Fle, this video is just gorgeous! And is it just me, or does Ricky Martin just keep get better looking the older he gets?

    My Spanish is so bad, I can’t even ask for a cow – but, I have a couple Spanish songs in my library that I absolutely love, because the ‘feel’ of them still comes through perfectly. This would be another one I’d add to my library, just love it! Thanks! 😀

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