“Coffee, Tea And Me”

  • This was written for Nortina’s #1MinFiction Challenge at Lovely Curses .

This week’s prompt is the phrase : “Won’t take no for an answer

And again, I have broken the one minute rule but please do as Nortina says, not as I do! 🙂

Note: I’ll be taking this opportunity to create some background thoughts from “Kate” (from my draft novella).*

Photo by Sina Farhat on Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

This a continuation of “Whirlwind of Stupid” and “Dog Days of Mother“.

“Wow! I’m impressed that you’re so good with your hands Kate.” Eddie looks me straight in the eye and his gaze is unflinching.

“Yeah, but you’ve got the equipment I need – yours is bigger, stronger and you definitely know how to work it.”

As soon as I see his smirk, I realize that my words sound…well…you know. My face burns with embarrassment as he sits at my kitchen table having the coffee I offered him.

“I don’t think that I’ve met a woman who owns a drain snake and actually knows how to use it.” Eddie points to the plumbing snake I tried to unclog the toilet with before calling his company. “How do you know so much about home repair stuff?” Eddie seems genuinely interested but I can’t see why.

There is nothing interesting about my life as a 39 year old divorcé. As Hannah would say, “Jack shit” sums up my life quite nicely…

I don’t want to have this conversation but Eddie is far from finishing the coffee. Now, I regret having offered it to him.

“My ex-husband had two left hands and I was left to get this house up to speed. I learned a lot from the different projects I undertook and contractors I hired.”

Eddie acknowledges my words with a nod. Oscar the dog has taken a liking to him and sits quietly at his feet, probably crushing on him too. There is a long silence and I shift uncomfortably in my chair.

“Was that your daughter who was here earlier? She’s a pretty girl.”

Oh…Eddie’s being so friendly with me to get to Hannah. I get it now and it makes sense…

“Hannah? Yes, she’s quite pretty.” I could add what a horrible personality she has but of course I don’t need to air that dirty family laundry.

“Well, she has your looks. How old is she?”

I take a sip of my own coffee and drink him in with my eyes. Sure, Eddie’s sweet and very good-looking but I’m sure that he’s in his late twenties and too old for my Hannah.

“Hannah’s twenty-one…and you’re a little too old for her…if that’s where you are going with this conversation. And she’s got a boyfriend who she’s living with.”

Eddie’s eyebrows arch and he puts his mug down. “Oh? You think I’m interested in Hannah?”

I nod.

Eddie leans forward towards me. “Don’t worry. I’m sure that Hannah’s a lovely girl but she’s not my type. Hannah’s mother is much more my type.”

I choke on his words and coffee spits out of my mouth. I’m positive that coffee has squirted out my nose too but at this point, my focus is solely on catching my breath. Eddie jumps out of his seat and whacks me on the back a few times, looking concerned. When I finally stop coughing, he hands me a napkin to wipe my chin and then sits back down.

“Are you okay?” I nod because I have no words. “Are you sure?” I nod again.

“You’re interested in…me?”

Now it’s Eddie’s turn to nod. “I hinted at going for coffee the last time I was here but you either ignored my comment or didn’t take me seriously.”

So I didn’t imagine his flirting…

“But no more hints. You’re a resourceful woman around this place and I might not get the chance to ask again so …how you and I go out for coffee sometime?” Eddie is totally serious and I’m totally speechless.


“Coffee, tea and me…” Eddie smiles, waiting for me to answer.

“I…uh..I…don’t…How old are you Eddie?”

“I’m old enough to ask you out for a coffee date.” I stare at him blankly until he is forced to respond. “I’m thirty. And I prefer women who are mature.”

Thirty? That’s way younger than…

“Uh…uh…I don’t know about that Eddie…”

I truly don’t know what else to say.

“Kate… I won’t take no for an answer. At least not yet.” He downs the rest of his coffee, takes out a business card and scribbles something on its back. “Here’s my personal number but I’ll call you… All you need to do is say yes.”

When he places the card in my palm, our eyes lock and for once, I don’t look away.

And I’m afraid why…

You can read more from Kate here.

All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews


12 thoughts on ““Coffee, Tea And Me”

  1. VERY nice! Eddie’s persistent- Kate’s appropriately gobsmacked! Too cute!

    Think our last plumber was all of 25…with his apprentice…whom I’m almost sure was like…16. 😝

    When do we get to the part where Hannah is a human sacrifice-…er, wait. Maybe that’s the version in MY mind. Oops! Ignore me! 😄😎

    Let’s get to the coffee-date…or non-coffee date!👍

    Liked by 3 people

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