“Who’s Laughing Now?”  #selfFULL #tuesdaythoughts #karma


We all have our biatch moments and this was one of mine (uh…one of many) and I couldn’t resist…


Marquessa xoxo


*inspired by Who’s Laughing Now? (video below)

The woman was plump, had a face full of wrinkles and looked beyond dowdy in her washed out yoga pants and oversized T-shirt. She stood shaking her head in frustration as her children raced up and down the grocery aisle. It was obvious that she wanted to crucify them but she seemed too tired to deal with them as they screamed and darted around people’s grocery carts.

Something about her felt familiar and I wondered from where I knew her. As I continued to scan the shelf for what I needed for the weekend, I eliminated the possibilities. She wasn’t from my university days, past jobs or from elementary school where everyone knew each other. High school was the only feasible place left and I immediately knew who she was – Eva the bully.

Eva was an older girl who had bullied me when I first started high school. She was in the graduating class and had taken a “liking” to me, taunting me in the meanest ways possible on the bus and whenever our paths would cross in the school hallways. I was her perfect target – young fresh meat, four years younger and one out of the handful of Black kids in the entire school. Her insults always focused my “blackness” – how ugly and Medusa-like my braids were, how my skin was brown like a monkey and anything else that came to her nasty little mind. Eva was a class act with her promises to beat me up if I opened my mouth and told on her. Yes, she was a first class mean girl who had a good laugh at my expense.

But even at that age, I knew better than to give her what she wanted – the satisfaction of scaring me, even if I was on the inside. I never showed fear but when pretending not to care only aggravated her more, she doubled up on her efforts and I had no choice to get my family involved. I couldn’t live on pins and needles until she graduated. She was already as dumb as a doorknob – what if she failed and had to repeat her grade…what would happen then?

I must have been deep in thought and staring at her while I took that 30+ year trip down memory lane because I found her staring curiously right back at me.

“Do we know each other?” Eva had the nerve to smile and it irked the shit out of me.

I was about to shake my head with a “no” and simply go about my business but when one of her kids crashed into me and kept running, it ignited a fire in the pit of my stomach. I found myself approaching her.

“I’m sure that you won’t remember me but I definitely remember you. You’re Eva, right?” I smiled.

“Yeah, I am. How do we know each other?”

I couldn’t help but smile even wider.

“You were the racist bitch that bullied me in my first year of high school. It’s hard to forget a face as ugly as yours.”

Eva’s face quickly changed from a smile to shock. From her wide eyes, she was confused at how the words coming out of my mouth were not corresponding with the smile on my face. She opened her mouth but couldn’t form a full sentence. But then again, she was always on the stupid side…


“I said that you were the racist bitch that bullied me in my first year of high school,” I repeated a little louder, attracting the attention of a young couple standing nearby.

She tried to recognize my face from all those years ago, probably flashing back to what and who she had been back then and maybe to what and who she still was.

“You were nothing less than a monster but from the looks of it, you’re living a nightmare of your own. And you definitely deserve it. You reap what you sow.”

I pointed to her kids spitting out f* bombs at each other like they were candy, fighting over something from the shelf down the aisle. I didn’t give a flying fig that the young couple watching were fully fascinated by my words and were looking at Eva in total disgust.

I gave Eva my back and returned to where I had left my cart a few steps away, feeling her eyes on me the entire time. From the corner of my eye, I could see her standing motionless, unsure of what to do and looking extremely embarrassed. I finished taking down what I needed and glanced back at her.

“Have yourself a wonderful day Eva,” I told her and walked away to the cash.

No, it’s not true that I walked away.

I strutted my way down the grocery aisle, my stride overflowing with satisfaction.

You know what they say: “He who laughs last, laughs best…”

All Rights Reserved©2016 Marquessa Matthews.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos directly above. No copyright infringement intended.


25 thoughts on ““Who’s Laughing Now?”  #selfFULL #tuesdaythoughts #karma

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  2. People never forget how you made them feel – I had this same kind of moment with a childhood bully and I told her how cruel she was. “And those horrible things you said to me, I hope you don’t espouse those values to your three children.”

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  3. It reminds me of when I was in secondary school… For two years I was badly bullied by two girls in my class, but it was the other way around, they were black. They never bullied me because I was white though… I’m not quite sure why but they couldn’t stand me and couldn’t resist hitting me and terrorising me.. Now it’s my trip down memory lane 😀 great story, as usual 🙂

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      • Yes, that sucks! I remember growing in France in the 80’s it used to be quite bad with some of the “old school” teachers. they used to bully dark skin kids very often… That was appalling. My dad is Corsican so I have a Mediterranean look and a slightly darker skin than most French people, and I remember a teacher who used to bully me in front of the whole class because of my Corsican origins, telling me that Corsicans were all a bunch of lazy bastards… And making fun of my name.
        My dad met him once at a parents/ teachers meeting and asked him in front of everyone: ” so do you think I’m a lazy bastard, then Sir?” I wasn’t there but apparently the look on his face was priceless 😀
        Another kid was from Serbia, and the teacher would tell him that he came from a nasty, barbaric race and so on… Thank goodness these people aren’t working with kids anymore… A lot of the problems that have been occurring in France lately is partly because of these old farts who made people unwelcome as they were growing up 😦 they grew up with that feeling. I think since my generation, things have changed though, as we were the first generation to grow up in multicultural classrooms and we have all made friends and we know one another and have learned about each other’s cultures.
        Before us, a lot of the older generations were just “scared of the Unknown”.. I do hope that now as things progress we all end up taking down these stupid barriers… I do hope that the whole Trump thing will bring people together regardless of what they look like, what they like or are like… You are doing a great job towards that with your writing 🙂

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        • Totally agree that older generations were much less open and accepting than those of us who went to school with a variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds. And with the aftermath of the elections, I’m hoping that people decide that love trumps hate. And thank you for the compliment. Every so often, I try to create authentic pieces that make us all reflect on our own experiences.

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  4. “Take that, you evil bully!” Touching story and it reminded me of my years being bullied when I looked like a string bean with glasses. I didn’t know I was a green color. Anyway, I wished I can see my bullies again. Last I heard they weren’t doing to well. I’ll try to hold my laughter in. I’ll…try.

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  5. My cousin and I went to the same high school. While I was proud to be telling everyone she was my cousin, she was telling those same people that she wasn’t REALLY my cousin because I was adopted and my mother was sickly and blah, blah, blah. Fast forward twenty years or so and she kept trying to add me on FB. Finally, I inboxed her and asked her why when she treated me so nastily? Do you know she said she didn’t remember what I was talking about??? People are just jerks sometimes.

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