Song Lyric Sunday Theme Reveal for 2/4/18: Truth” #songlyricsunday

I’ll tell you the “truth”….

I truly enjoy #SongLyricSunday because it’s an opportunity to chill out, peruse everyone’s song selections and read the stories behind their selections. I have been teaming up with Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word At A Time and it has been wonderful!

This week’s theme is “Truth”. Don’t delay – join in!

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M xoxo

This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time

I think I’ve mentioned before that my hubby is Persian, which of course means that we struggle sometimes with cultural differences.  One thing in their culture that I don’t really understand is this weird thing where they say something to be nice, but they don’t really mean it.  When my father-in-law was staying with us, he would tell me that he didn’t want any dinner.  I would take him at his word and not fix him anything.  Then, when my hubby would ask him, he would say he was starving.

It was frustrating and I tried to tell him that he just needs to tell me the truth because I will take him at his word.  It never really worked out that way.  I still took everything he said literally, but I let the hubby handle his dinner and things like that.  Or, I would just make him something and…

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