The Bots Among Us

I always knew that I had bots.

“Bots” as in spam comments that usually end up in my Junk folder where they belong.

But what’s up with the bots that inflate my number of followers?

I supposedly “lost” 1000 followers while I was away.

Yeah, 1000.

Months ago, I was constantly getting notifications about new followers and wondered how these “readers” were finding me when I wasn’t doing anything different than usual. I simply went about my business because I don’t really care about numbers.

But I still don’t understand the “why” behind fake followers.

Do they hope that I follow back without checking them out first? Will they eventually try to sell me something? Is it a creepy way to get into my electronic device?

Do you know what’s up with fake followers?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that 1000 fakes are out of my hair.

I mean, I only want to interact and attract real living people, like readers and friends who want to follow my musings, sign up for my email list and eventually read what I self-publish.

Bots can’t do any of those things…

As a writer, does it bother you to see your number of followers drop? And as a reader, are you influenced by the number of followers a blog has?





17 thoughts on “The Bots Among Us

  1. I don’t even look at the number of followers that I have tbh. The only thing that comes out if it is a need to perform the circus. I learnt that lesson the hard way.

    As for the bots, I assume someone is making some kind of $$ somehow. A lot of time the aim is to get people to click on their links and voilà, ad money. Sort of like advanced pop-ups. Bleh.

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  2. I can’t figure out what the point of those fake followers is. I get them… and I doubt they’ve ever read a post of mine. I think it would feel like a blow to lose a big chunk of followers but if they are meaningless followers, they don’t matter so it shouldn’t bother me.

    I guess it makes me feel good to see high numbers. But it’s really only the ‘real people’ who interact that create a community here.

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  3. I had a rash of fake followers and botty comments this summer… touch wood it seems to have stopped now, but it was irritating while it lasted. I’m not too bothered about numbers of followers on my blog as long as they are genuine. I don’t really notice follower numbers on others’ blogs.

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