“Brown Eyes Blue”

This was written for this week’s One Minute Fiction Challenge at “Lovely Curses“.

This week’s theme is “Protest“.

photo taken of the Black Panther movie billboard on 2018-02-18

Jax and I chattered away as we spilled out of the movie theatre and onto the sidewalk with the rest of the moviegoers.

“I’m totally blown away! We need to see Black Panther again but in 3D the next time!”

“Yeah, I’m up for that!”

Jax opened the passenger door for me and I slid into the car. As he slid into his own seat, I found myself distracted by my Twitter feed. Noticing the scowl on my face, he turned and hesitated before starting the ignition.

“What’s wrong?”

I sucked my teeth and without saying a word, I handed him my cell. He thumbed through my screen and soon he was frowning too. Jax shook his head as he read some of the tweets out loud. Then he handed my cell back .

“I can’t believe that idiots are posting fake news and pictures about White people being attacked by Blacks at showings of Black Panther just to make us look bad? What the fuck is wrong with these losers? Instead of protesting against things that really matter like gun control, this is the kind of shit people are wasting their energy on?”

I felt my excitement over the movie slipping away into anger. Jax pulled the car out of the parking lot, rested his warm hand on my thigh and leaned over to kiss my forehead.

“Seeing Black people proud and excited about being positively represented for the entire world to see scares them silly. They can’t handle it. It’s way too uncomfortable for them. That‘s what it’s all about,” he replied as I stared out the window as we whizzed down the highway. “But fortunately some of us White people are “woke” you know…”

I couldn’t contain my laughter as I looked at him. “Jax, did you just say “woke”?”

He tried to hide his grin but as soon as his blue eyes met my brown ones, Jax burst out laughing too.

“What’s wrong? Do I sound too much like a White boy when I say “woke”?”

I kept laughing. “You’ll need a little more practice before saying it again. But I’m glad that you are “woke” Sweetie.”

All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews


18 thoughts on ““Brown Eyes Blue”

  1. After the past year with #TakeAKnee and everything that Black Lives Matter has tried to achieve, I’m struggling to understand why people are losing their shit over Black Panther when Disney is more or less 100% white owned/staffed and black people won’t really profit from this at all. It’s not even the first black superhero movie, just the one that’s conveniently come out at a time when it’s such a hot topic. I’m all for people enjoying the movie but it means absolutely nothing to me as a black person.

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    1. I rarely go to the movies, especially superhero comic book stuff. However I will support things that depict Black people, especially Black women in a positive light and as strong, intelligent and a force to be reckoned with. It irks me when I see portrayals of maids, crackheads, angry or the fat joke-cracking Black friend in movies, videos, etc. And in my neck of the woods, supporting these types of events signals the box office that “interest” and “demand” is here. When “Waiting To Exhale” came out back in the day, we all went to see it in droves and as quickly as possible because we knew the showing wouldn’t last long….2 weeks and it was a memory.

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      1. I totally get that. That’s a good reason to want to see the movie and enjoy it. I live in the UK and our lack of diversity is even worse than it is in the US (tokenism and historical dramas don’t really mix).

        That being said, people can enjoy a movie and be happy to see themselves represented without proclaiming that it’s groundbreaking and the film equivalent of Obama’s Presidency just because the movie execs have successfully identified a demographic and marketed the hell out of it. Call me cynical, but I’m not going to give anyone props for that. Or my money. That’s obviously just my opinion, though. I get why it’s such a big deal, I just wish people would chill and not act like we’ve fixed a huge problem when we’ve barely touched tip of the iceberg.

        However, we live in the age of hype…So I’ll probably watch it when the DVD is out, lol.

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        1. The equivalency of Obama’s presidency??? That’s taking it far. My relatives are in the UK and they also do the “support” thing. Where I am in Canada in a French first environment, pickings can be slim and less than tokenism…😒

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          1. Exactly. I just find it really frustrating that people are seemingly more hyped about this movie than they do about serious issues that matter. The same people that talk about taking their money away from the white man just gave a crap ton of it back while dressed in dashikis that they bought online.

            Besides, I’d rather see a well financed, acted and written Nollywood movie. That would be freaking lit. 😂

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  2. Jax is “woke”– haha! 😀 That’s cute. I loved Black Panther. I’d actually pay to see it again. And I know Killmonger was the bad guy, but I had to agree with a lot of the things he was saying–the protester/rebel in me.

    Someone above mentioned that this was just a hyped up movie, but I have to disagree. It might have been a fictional superhero movie, but some of the dialogue was so relatable to the real word and current events, and indicative that black people (or at least “woke” people) who understood our plight wrote and directed this movie. That’s what made this movie so revolutionary—for me, at least—apart from the positive representation.

    Great choice for this week’s #1MinFiction prompt. But I have to ask, was this inspired by real “fake” tweets? That’s just crazy! And who has the time?! No violence at my showing…and there might have been more whites there than blacks!

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    1. Nortina, yes! Fake tweets and photos of White people bleeding, black eyes and the whole kit and kaboodle! My fiction was fueled by those fake tweets in my Twitter feed!

      Loved the messages in BP that related to today too!

      And yeah, “Jax” is rare but they do exist when they become “woke” by a woman of color.

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