This was written for this week’s One Minute Fiction photo prompt at “Lovely Curses“. I’m considering this as creative non- fiction.

Black was never beautiful.

The photographers were not of our choosing. Our photos were taken with the smallest aperture, lacking perspective and underexposed for our likeness.

Photos that were oftentimes already faded and placed into a broken frame, if there was even a frame to spare…

But the tides are turning and with each passing day, we realize that Black is beautiful…that Black was always beautiful.

Stepping out of the darkness, standing in the light and being our own photographers, we simply needed to take our own pictures and reflect the beauty of ourselves.

2018. All rights reserved. Marquessa Matthews


23 thoughts on ““Black Was Never Beautiful” #1minfiction

      1. She was only here on a course of study from Tanzania. She had to return home once the course was done. I mourned for years as I would not have been acceptable over there. But it was about forty years ago now. I still think of her, such a nice person too.
        xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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    1. Exactly! But lots of women my age had harsher “lessons”. I remember the first time I saw an Ebony Magazine, I was surprised and so happy. Even as a grown woman, I was happy to see Brandi as Cinderella…😉

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      1. I think that’s how I am when I see more women with natural hair on television. It just makes my heart smile.

        Oh, and Brandi’s Cinderella was the truth! Growing up, that was the only Cinderella I knew. I still have the VHS. 🙂

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    1. You should find out! In this post, I was using photography references as a way to describe how Black women are blazing their own trail, celebrating their own beauty after being disregarded by “society” for so long.😊

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