Shaking The Silly Out Of Cara – A To Z Challenge @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge #ifmywoundswerevisible

Don’t get confused now…

This is Marquessa talking to you right now – not Cara. 😊

It’s sad to know that my A to Z story resonates with sooooo many of you. Either you have experienced that kind of relationship yourself or you know someone who has. Your comments and even some of your emails attest to that. And it’s more than a little disconcerting to realize that.

Some of you want to shake the silly out of Cara and most of you just want to kill Dex.

I understand both desires. I’ll do my best to make the outcome of “Z” as satisfying as possible for all.

Okay, three things today:

  1. Out of curiosity, I posted an (anonymous) poll above. Feel free to VOTE or not. I thought it would be interesting for others to see that these types of toxic situations are not such a rare occurrence;
  2. If the RED FLAGS in my story so far resonate with you, do your own research online about narcissistic sociopaths and read, read and read as much as you can to gain more knowledge and get yourself the support you need; and
  3. I will post *trigger warnings* for future “dark” installments. In my rush to stay on the alphabet track, such warnings slipped my mind. Though this is a fictional story, I’m writing this series with a very heavy-hand on reality. The more intense scenes I included are not as far-fetched as some of you may think. If you feel that this story is too stressful for you to read, I totally understand if you choose to stop reading. But if you choose to skip over the posts listed with a *trigger warning*, you will not miss the flow of the rest of the story.

P.S. If you are reading this and have no clue what I’m talking about, you can start with A is for Afflicted.


M xoxo


14 thoughts on “Shaking The Silly Out Of Cara – A To Z Challenge @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge #ifmywoundswerevisible

  1. Brilliant story writing M and very close to life. Unfortunately for most people they realize the triggers and red flags after the event, when it is too late. And like you said, things have to get much worse before they begin to improve. If I may mention here, the serialized novel type story Moonshine on my blog is also about an abusive relationship sanctioned and promoted by ‘society’ going by the name of holy matrimony. Everything and everybody is so geared to saving the marriage at all costs, laying all responsibility at her door that she has no choice but to go on until it is too late.

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  2. Maybe it’s a good thing that so many of us recognise this behaviour as bad. I think it shows that our understanding of what’s acceptable and not is changing. Relationships like this are not new but women were encouraged to accept it, like it’s natural part of marriage. They had no ways out. But today, we do.

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  3. Completely spellbound by your story writing skills! I can’t wait to read the aftermath but even though I am already subscribed I havent received any email – could you do something? Pleaase!

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