Don’t Ask Because I Won’t Tell #atozchallenge @April@aZ #ifmywoundswerevisible

I don’t usually write dark, emotionally charged fiction that is challenging to read but could truly unfold in real life.

No, it’s not my usual MO.

But “Power and Control” is a topic that I felt compelled to tackle (see graphic below).

I also wanted to write something different from other A to Z’s – 2016’s romantic “character” pieces and 2017’s story of Kate who was “Living to Die“.

Regardless of the genre I’m testing out, I do enjoy bringing a certain level of “realism” into my storytelling. Like my tagline says, “Life is just a story. And I’ve got a pen.”

And if you ask me from where I get my “realism”, I won’t tell. 😊

Because that’s what your imagination is for, right?

Two more things:

  1. If you have any creative ideas on how to get rid of Dex (#Dexmustdie, as someone said 😊), drop a comment. I’m writing this story on a nightly basis so you could have a hand in how it ends!
  2. If you would like to be a beta reader and offer feedback and suggestion for this story, please sign up for my mailing list so that I can let you know. You can sign up my lists here!


M xoxo


18 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Because I Won’t Tell #atozchallenge @April@aZ #ifmywoundswerevisible

  1. A colleague and friend of My Mom’s used to be married to a man who was very much like Dex, or what you describe in your post. He was a Pastor , to boot and they had 5 or 6 kids together. She was maybe in her early fifties when they divorced, and she’s a take no crap woman. Luckily she met another man who is a wonderful husband, had a great job, and older kids of his own. The worst part for her, i think, was the gossip within the church community. We learned later how this man treated her, and even his kids couldn’t stand him after awhile he was so manipulative and controlling.

    Because he was a pastor, other pastors in our church community were, initially, mean towards her, and took his side. This was terrible to here from supposed pastors we knew well who were supposed to “Love Thy Neighbour,” but my Aunt experienced similar issues when divorcing my uncle. Basically, like in any institution, people can be gossipy and mean.

    My mom’s friend is a no-nonsense woman and comes across strong, but she was very hurt when his abuse and isolation was turned against her, and when he at first convinced his younger kids it was her fault. But she’s much better off now and almost retired and surrounded by many grandkids from all her kids. Some around my age, some a bit younger and older. The same can’t be said for her ex. Thanks for sharing. Important info to know.

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    1. Glad she got out but it messes with your head for a long time like PTSD. The manipulator only shows his good side to the public but behind closed doors he’s a monster to that “one” person so when things get really bad, no one believes you. He tells stories (lies) about you to ensure everyone thinks you are the crazy one (gaslighting)

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      1. I’m sure it did for her too. I don’t know how bad he actually was in comparison to someone like Dex, in any case he was bad enough. And yes , he definitely engaged in lies and gaslighting. Other behaviors too.

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