Don’t we all want to travel more but can’t find the time? No need to worry. Take a spin around the globe with Iain! Start in Aarhas, Denmark and then continue on with this link!

Iain Kelly



He eased the lever by his leg and felt the huge crane swivel round. One more crate to be loaded and the massive container ship would be ready to depart in the morning, destined for Shanghai.

The green light flashed on the dashboard and he began lowering slowly until he heard the satisfying ‘clunk’ of metal nestling on the stack of containers. Below, he saw the stevedores securing chains around it.

‘Okay, Malthe,’ the radio crackled. ‘We’re done. Come on down.’

Half an hour later, Malthe joined the others in the bar. Every Friday night for as long as he could remember the dock workers in Aarhus had gathered here to drink, argue, fight and make up. His father had been a regular, his grandfather before him.

‘What does the Union think about it?’ Elias was asking Malthe. ‘The port gets busier, more…

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