Such A Pretty Face

She had the greenest eyes I had ever seen.

Lush and naturally blond hair and a sweet smile that always lit up her cute and perfectly round face.

If plus-sized models like Ashley Graham had been a “thing” back then, Nicole would have been scouted and signed on the spot by a modelling agency. She was also one of those rare people who was beautiful on the inside too.

Personally, I had barely noticed her thick and curvy frame until the son of one of the doctors we had never met stopped by the office that day to pick up an envelope. As he leaned against the tall counter that stood between them, it was obvious from his body language that he was smitten with Nicole. And from Nicole’s flaming red cheeks, it was clear that she enjoyed his flirty attention.

I knew that it was just a matter of minutes before he would ask for her number.

But when Nicole pushed away from the desk to grab the envelope he had stopped by for, my stomach sank at how his critical eyes raked over her body when she wasn’t looking.

“Wow, you have such a pretty face…Too bad,” is what he said to her.

Nine little words…

A weak-ass shrug of his shoulders…

A distinct shake of his head as if to say “no”…

A cloud of disappointment on his face…

And Nicole’s spirit was left shattered on the floor as he unknowingly walked away with much more than that envelope.

That is the moment I realized just how the greenest of green eyes could become the bluest of blue.

All Rights Reserved @2018 Marquessa Matthews


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