No Creative Flow

I’ve been re-blogging quite a bit lately.

No, I don’t have writer’s block. Thankfully, I have never suffered from that disease. With a notebook full of ideas and two novellas in need of some TLC and beta reader feedback, I could easily keep myself busy.

But I don’t feel like writing.

Since I’ve gotten back from my holiday last month, it feels like EVERYTHING around me needs 100% of my attention – RIGHT NOW or YESTERDAY. And my post-vacation drama trauma set the downhill tone for this past month.

I can’t catch my breath and the harder I try to keep up with everything, the more it feels like I’m getting nowhere fast with the things I want to do and need to do.

Everyone suffers from stress but when it’s your stress, you feel like you’re drowning.

Writing usually relieves my stress but being too busy to write, the stress is accumulating and making me feel blah.

And feeling blah means that I have no creative flow.

And no creative flow means that I don’t feel like writing.


It’s like a stupid catch 22.


What do you do to get back into your creative flow?

 M  xoxo



21 thoughts on “No Creative Flow

  1. I wish I had some great advice… but I have huge issues with writing at the moment, too. Different, though. I think I have had writer’s block for months. I think it’s permanent. And it’s awful because when I can write, it’s an escape and I desperately need an escape. But the notes I have (I guess I have some ideas) for anything — fiction, poetry, whatever — all those notes are just blah to me right now. Nothing excites me… or motivates me. You’d think that if not writing isn’t working and writing makes me feel better, I’d just write. But I just… can’t. It doesn’t make sense.

    And this was not helpful at all. 😦 Sorry. I hope you get your groove back…

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  2. i just take few days off and go with the flow: I know for sure that I am going to get back to writing no matter what. I always have. I always will.

    I guess I am at a stage in life where I don’t want to stress much on doing something too religiously. If something’s good for me, I try to do it regularly, but I don’t stress myself to be able to do it every single day. Coz, in the days that I am not doing that, probably I am busy with something else that needs my attention, and for the time being, that’s okay too. 🙂

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