Don’t Be A Jerk

no nope nah black girls black girl

Your blog is where you express yourself, offer your perspective and invite readers into your world.

When readers agree with you, you feel a sense of satisfaction that they understand what you are saying. And even when readers disagree with you, you’re okay with it because they’ve explained their point of view in a respectful manner.

But what do you do when a reader leaves you a comment telling you that your point of view is wrong, stupid and that you have no idea what you’re talking about?

I was reading a blog where the post was related to “you know what and you know who” and some of the comments from one specific reader were ridiculously rude. I should also add that the blogger was simply giving their perspective in a very non-offensive manner and that it was obvious that the reader did not take the time to read the entire post…

Okay, it’s no surprise that politics, racism, sexism and discrimination against specific groups are topics where people get passionate about getting their point of view across.

But I was astounded at how this blogger choose to keep “engaging” with that reader’s nasty comments and personal attacks…a reader who truly did not fully read the entire post.

Look, everyone has a right to speak their truth, no matter how “alternative” or diametrically opposed it may be to your way of thinking.

But no one has the right to be disrespectful or nasty towards you.

My finger will never hesitate to click on Spam, Trash and/or Block if a comment disrespects me, another blogger in my comments section, a certain group or an entire community of people.

I don’t know about you but I have no interest in wasting precious time, energy or words to entertain those who are disrespectful towards others.

tamar braxton tamar aint nobody got time for that

If you disagree with a blogger’s point of view and want to comment, do it in a mindful and respectful way. Use your words in conjunction with your brain and try to clearly explain why you disagree.

If what you read truly gets under your skin, skip to another blog or just “unfollow”.

And if you’re itching to be rude and disrespectful, don’t bother commenting at all. It’s not worth your time arguing with “hate”. Spend that time promoting “love” on your own blog.

Respect usually begets respect and the only place nastiness will get you is nowhere.

Have you ever had that experience on your blog?

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14 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Jerk

  1. I agree. There’s a lot of difference between having the right to say it, and having the right to say it in my living room. I don’t get a lot of that on my blog, maybe because it’s still so small, but my plan is to hit the delete button and probably add the person’s email to either my “hold for moderation” or my “directly into the trash” list, depending on if their other contributions are worth discussing.

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    1. I don’t get a lot of that either, though there might have a comment or two during the shootings last year. I left the comments up so that others could see the true colors. But as I said in a previous comment, more than that would have been Spam/Delete!


  2. I have no problem with a good debate…as long as it’s based in fact. But rudeness proves no interest in facts, only the need to be right. However, if the comments aren’t laced with profanity – I leave them. I want subsequent blog visitors to see the commenter’s behavior as a lesson…or a warning to avoid this person and/or never engage them.

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    1. I’ve had a few “comments” related to blacks and the police brutality..I asked them to “clarify” so that the true colors would show but left their comments posted so we think alike on that point. But if it was more than that, they would definitely be added to the Spam folder.

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  3. Girl, I won’t go back and forth with no one. It is my blog and I will spam you and not hesitate. I’ve unfollowed people in the blogger world that said some stuff that was against my ethics. I won’t engage on your platform, just remove myself from your world.

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  4. Like Felicia, I have no problem with a good debate as long as it’s respectful. I don’t put up with crap from anybody and I don’t stay silent when one of those trolls attack one of my friends on WordPress.
    Give your opinion…I welcome it…but if you start attacking, you will see the spam folder faster than you can blink. Trash belongs in the trash. “Nuff said.

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