What Does Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Say About You?

I was cleaning up and came across some Ziggy cartoons I had kept from when I was a kid.

I always felt sorry for Ziggy, his misfortunes and how he would always find himself between a rock and a hard place.

Poor Ziggy.

Then I started to think about the “why” behind my liking that cartoon strip and what it says about me…

Was that an early sign of my “fighting for the underdog” mentality and my soft spot for wanting to help people?

Then there was Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes who had the wise-cracking mouth. He would get into trouble, do whatever he wanted with his partner in crime Hobbes and said things I could never dream of saying out loud as a kid.

Was I admiring his feisty attitude since I was far from being a rebellious kid? I guess so.

Cathy, Dilbert, Dennis the Menace, For Better of For Worse…

Think about what cartoon strips you liked or still like reading, what you think it says about you and share it in the comments.

M  xoxo



2 thoughts on “What Does Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Say About You?

    1. What’s the “personality” being those cartoons? Or what do you find enticing about them? Before I started working, Dilbert did not interest me. Now I see how it reflects the workplace…😊


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