Kombucha Chaos

(*I’m not endorsing this brand or anything like that. I simply saw three different women march directly to the fridge in the store, pick up this brand and then march with determined purpose to the cashier. I simply assumed that they knew what they were doing and so I copied…*)

Kombucha, kombucha, kombucha.

I’ve heard about how good it is for your health but I have no clue what “good” it’s supposed to do for me. Maybe it can give me some superhuman extra energy?

While at my local health food store, I bought the above bottle to see what all the fuss was about. This Divine Grape flavor was surprisingly tasty though I’ll need to do a little research about WHY I should be drinking it…

What I do know is that the next time around, I will not shake the bottle before popping the top

Foolish me, I had no clue it was carbonated!

Do you “kombucha“? Tell me in the comments why it’s good for me and why it cost $3+ for this tiny bottle…


13 thoughts on “Kombucha Chaos

  1. I’m not that big a fan, but then the prices in stores would make anybody hesitate! The way I understand it, it’s supposed to be a probiotic/ swapping good organisms for bad ones kind of thing. (I’m also maybe not a true believer.) But by coincidence, I was reading about how to brew my own yesterday! (I ran into a kombucha scoby for sale, and the process interested me.) It doesn’t sound too tough, or too expensive, if you wind up developing a kombucha habit.

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  2. Three decades ago. My then sister-in-law, gave us a a kombucha plant. Like sour dough, it needs to be split each week. I dealt with it for over a year before we gave it “the boot”. We never got anything out of, drinking the liquid …. but whatever floats someone’s boat? Best wishes. Cheers Jamie

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  3. The health benefits include an acidic pH that can balance the pH in your body (especially your vagina if you get BV like me… ugh). It also contains probiotics that can balance your gut microbiome, which has so many benefits: healing indigestion, better mood, better energy, less depression and anxiety. A lot of people hate the taste. I dig it, but I’m also one of those weirdos who like sour beers. I haven’t checked yet to see if you’ve posted an update. If you haven’t, please do!


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  4. As with most food, the best kind is fresh. If you have a local farmer’s market or something like that, then see if they offer fresh Kombucha. Either way, the first answer is right about the probiotics, etc.

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  5. It’s aids in gut health, which in turn helps in digestion. It can reduce bloating and boost every levels. It also contains multiple B vitamins so it benefits your skin as well as many other benefits for you. Yes, the bottles are a little pricy, but you can easily and more cost efficiently make your own. I make my own, but when I don’t have my homemade batch on hand, I do prefer Synergy brand compared to all the others. Hopefully that helps! xoxo

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