How Long Have You Gone Without Doing It?

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(Updated repost)

Actually, I’m totally not blogging this…

For years, I posted daily and even had a blogging schedule.

Those days are gone.

Right now I’m just going with the flow.




Not-so-random revamped posts.

I’m no longer obsessed with having a blogging “streak”.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without writing creatively or blogging?

MΒ  xoxo





27 thoughts on “How Long Have You Gone Without Doing It?

  1. Just posted for the second time this week after 3 months away from the blog. I told myself it would only be a few weeks before but it’s hard to get back in the game once you drop the ball. I’m glad to be back though

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  2. I’ve taken posting breaks (3 days to a week or so) from my blog during times where I feel super overwhelmed by it all or if I’m on vacation or something, but since I took my first Blogging U course about a year and a half ago, I’ve always had a file or a list of ideas for posts.

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  3. Since I started blogging in Sept 2015, I don’t think I’ve gone more than 2 or 3 days without posting. For some stupid reason, I feel that I need to post once a day… though I sometimes skip weekends… and I sometimes post twice in one day. But I also don’t like to post much more than that because when I follow a blog that has 3 or 4 or more posts/day, I cannot read all of those posts. It’s just too much. (I don’t know how people do that — I’m unemployed and I don’t have that kind of time… yet I know people who do it who also work!)

    As far as writing fiction, I’m not sure I’ve taken more than a week off at once since well before I started blogging. I do go through phases, though. I’ve had “reading periods” where I just read book after book and didn’t write much of anything for a month… That hasn’t happened for quite some time now.

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    • Hey! We both started blogging in 2015! Has it been that long? I think we may be long lost sisters because I too have this weird thing about posting everyday that I will need to stop doing if I ever want my projects to do anywhere. This month, I’m started to ween myself from 7 days to 5…no weekends.
      As for posting 3- 4 times a day, I was forced to unfollow a few blogs for that reason and also wondered how they found the time. But now I know the probable secret…Hootsuite! And I wish I had a “reading phase” when I’m home. My novel reading only seems possible while I’m traveling and away from home.

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      • Well… I’m always home… which kind of sucks! But that’s a whole other thing.

        I’m having trouble posting every day lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but it’s been really difficult to write anything. I think I might be boring. (Still having trouble with my story, too…) I’m so worried that if I start having days with no posts, people will lose interest and never read again. Ridiculous.

        Kind of off topic, but I also am torn at times as to whether I should post any fiction at all. Should I be ‘saving’ it to try to publish? Oh, but, I doubt I’ll ever even try because I don’t think I have anything good enough or complete enough to pursue that. But am I just giving it all away by posting?

        Sorry for the rambling… πŸ™‚

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        • Don’t worry about “rambling”, I do it ALL the time! πŸ™‚ And if you open the dictionary to “boring”, you would find my picture. I’m not even kidding. As for “saving” your fiction, I can’t tell you if you should or shouldn’t post new material – only you will know what is best for you. What I can tell you is that I’ve made a conscious decision to NOT post new fiction for a number of reasons but mainly because it takes a lot of brain energy and the cross-pollination of ideas was playing tricks on me. I only plan on posting new short excerpts as teasers for what I want to publish or to get feedback on ideas I have. But I will email you directly this weekend to share some things about self-publishing I’ve read about that may be food for thought for you financially, even if you choose not to publish. Chat later! πŸ™‚

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  4. LOL I love your blog post titles, Marquessa.

    I go much longer without blogging, than I ever do without writing, but I’ve never paid attention enough to count the days or weeks. I typically only go without writing anything when I have the dreaded writer’s block, but I think that’s just my brain’s way of telling me it needs a break! LOL

    In those rare instances, you’ll find me with a Playstation controller in hand or getting caught up on my TBR list, so I don’t count it as a total loss. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks A.C.! I like titles that catch the eye but not everyone does. I remember one reader who totally disliked my Go F***** Yourself Post… πŸ™‚

      Even if it’s a few lines, I write something everyday. But like I mentioned, most of my posts are “musings” in draft form that I quickly clean up and schedule.

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  5. A month maybe? I don’t know. Even if I don’t blog, I’m documenting my thoughts somewhere, somehow.

    And if I haven’t said it already, I appreciate your versatility as a writer. Your readers get to enjoy a few sides of you πŸ˜‰

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  6. I can go a week without blogging without even thinking about it. If I get caught up in a sewing project (like last December – LOL!), three weeks can easily slip by. πŸ˜€

    Writing is another story. I may not work on a WIP, but I write ‘something’ every day, and not because of any writing rules, but more so it’s all a part of my paper/pen obsession! LOL!

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  7. These are great questions you’ve been posing and I say that because I never seem to have a real answer lol

    I think because I blog “ahead of time” by scheduling posts, I’m not really sure how long I’ve actually gone w/o writing. Even if I’m scheduling, I’m still writing something new, you know? I’ll have to pay more attention to this.

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  8. I started blogging in 2006 on another platform, WP is actually my third blogging platform, and I’ve had many extended breaks where I just don’t write at all. I shut down creatively, which has always been a worry

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  9. I’ve gone without blogging for several months, almost a year and lost a quite a bit back in my earlier days. I try to write as often as I can, every other day to be exact. I’m slacking off big time with blogging now with finding new material and such. I’m working on it.

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