Younger Man #writerwednesday

I’m working on some lead-in chapters for Living To Die” to better introduce Kate as the main character.

Without going into too much detail, that introductory chapter involves a scene between a fed-up and lonely Kate being flirted with by a hot and younger man (above 18 of course) who genuinely seems to have an interest in her.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

I need to put an age on my younger male hottie character.

Tell me, how young is too young for a 37 year old divorced mother of twins who no longer live under her roof?

Does age even matter if he is an adult?

Should I apply the “Cougar rule” which is Woman’s Age divided by 2 + 7, meaning that the male character would have to be older than 25 1/2 years old?

What would you do if a much younger man unapologetically chased you down for a date?

Go ahead and weigh in.

And by the way, I’m not 37. 😌






14 thoughts on “Younger Man #writerwednesday

  1. Well… I guess it would be weird if the guy was young enough to be her kid. But then again, 18 would mean she had a kid at 19, so yeah, technically, that’s old enough to be his mom. I guess I’d say the guy should be no younger than 25-ish.

    At this point in my life, if the guy is legal and I’m interested, I’m game. Horrible, I know.

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    1. Can you spell COUGAR? Lol. Yeah, I think I’ll make him 30 or 31. Young enough for her daughter to have an interest in him but old enough for him to have an interest in the mother…sounds confusing but it will make sense in the end. πŸ™‚

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  2. My Aunt and Uncle are 12 years apart. Once you hit mid-twenties, it evens out for some couples with either the woman or man being older. Look at J.LO. But to me 12 years would be about the most. If he’s 25 or 26 he’s grown up enough, but still young too. Enough to have filled out a bit & look more man then boy.

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