Reflections of Diversity

I made a promise to myself.

During my writing break, I told myself that I would keep this blog focused on my fiction excerpts and writing process and away from current events that get under my skin.

And though certain events over the past few days have my fingertips itching, I won’t say a word…

From the title of this post, you will likely already know what “incident” has ruffled my feathers. And if you don’t know, it doesn’t really matter and I won’t mention it here.

I don’t support racist portrayals and images, whether it be on television, the big screen, music or in print. I also don’t care by whom or the reason why demeaning stereotypical images are propelled. When I come across them, I shut that sh*t down and I shut it down fast.

I have zero patience for it because I remember what it felt like growing up bombarded by the tidal wave of negative images in the media towards women who looked me – being made to feel less than and not part of the “norm”.

By the time I was nine years old, I had already figured out that stereotypical images of women of my shade always revolved around unfeminine matriarchs, loud wise cracking maids and my all-time-favorite, the overweight, unattractive and homely sidekick to the main character of a book, movie or cartoon…

Where were the images of women of color living life, feeling good, and being attractive? And where were all the reflections of these just being normal and happy like everyone else?

Because of the “lack” of seeing positive images in the media in my youth, my fiction always includes “diverse” characters who are just like everyone else, that any reader can relate to but who just happen to be of diverse backgrounds because it is a reflection of the real world.

Tell me, how important is “positive” diversity in social media to you?





12 thoughts on “Reflections of Diversity

  1. That guy has a few more racist comics. I saw one where the PM was about to blow up a train while a bunch of black men tumbled down onto the platform. At this point, I don’t allow these people to upset me. Racists are racist, water is wet. I’m not even interested in talking about diversity because either people are for it and they’re not. You can’t reason with the morally blind and deaf.

    In a few years, the tide will turn and racism will no longer be fashionable. A few years after that we will be back to this point. It’s tiring.

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    1. …You know exactly what I’m talking about! I don’t watch sports, know a little more than the basics about you-know-who but come on! I am speechless that some do not see the blatant racism. Then again, when you aren’t subjected to horrid stereotypes…😑

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      1. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but there’s no denying that she’s one of the most successful in her field. Unfortunately, that leads to envy. Notice how they’re quick to praise her for breaking records, but even quicker to criticize her when they feel her behaviour is inappropriate. Typical racist rhetoric. Had she gone on to win the match, it would have been a completely different comic. There’s even a bunch of YouTube videos calling her disgraceful or whatever, but had she down and equalled a record – how different would the reaction be?

        People don’t see the blatant racism because they’re deceived by all of the subterfuge and false praise that usually precedes the overtly racist act. So, they’ll turn around and say, ‘but we always give credit where credit is due wah wah wah’. It’s dumb, but what can you do? Smh.

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  2. Diversity is so important to me. I try to include a variety of characters and write it so that the assumption isn’t that all characters look like me, or any ethnicity. The world is made up of many people and especially in writing fantasy, it would be so plain and limiting to do otherwise.
    I also try to do so in a respectful way. Since I’m white, I spent a lot of time on “Writing with Color”, which was a great resource for me.
    It’s not enough to just offer representation though. We need diverse authors using their own voices. I look forward to reading your books!

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    1. I LOVE that you are making the effort! I want to do the same – ethnicity should sprinkle even more personality to a character but at the base of it all, I want them to be relatable to most readers, not just a subset.

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