Time Does Not Heal All Wounds…

Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

Time just allows you the opportunity to learn how to deal with them.

I reposted “Ripple Effect from 2017 because I believe that it fits into “current events” that I will not delve into here.

But I will ask questions to which I do not have the answers…

Why is it so difficult for some people to understand that keeping quiet about traumatic experiences does not mean that the events never happened or that they were a figment of someone’s imagination?

At what point in time does someone’s truth become a lie simply because they did not disclose their experience soon after it initially happened? Is it one week, one month or one year? Maybe five years or ten years?

And tell me, why is it hard for some to comprehend that sometimes keeping silent is the only way to avoid being re-victimized with:

‘Well, what were you wearing?”

Why were you there in the first place?

Why did you let it happen?

If it was really that bad, why didn’t you say something before?’

It shouldn’t be a struggle to understand that sometimes keeping quiet is a choice – a choice between two evils, neither of which has a statute of limitations on the soul.

You can read my “Ripple Effect” here.




6 thoughts on “Time Does Not Heal All Wounds…

  1. I’ll preface and say that is not a ‘like’ for really liking this post. Its a like for you saying this. There is no justification for disbelief, no justification for blaming the one digging deep down and revealing something so bad, so wrong so….I could go on. I was in a hurry the other night and meant to take a photo of a boutique in Greenwich Village that had a sign-We believed Anita Hill, and we believe Christine Blasey Ford. Summed up my thoughts succinctly.

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