October, Birthdays and NaNoWriMo Prep #nanoprep #birthday


October means two things to me…

It’s my birthday month and time for NaNoWriMo preparation.

So, ”Happy Birthday month to me!”


I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked forward to “celebrating” my birthday in years. The lack of excitement has nothing to do with getting older and everything to do with being tired from my never-ending list of things to get done.

That’s life, right?

But since I will be offline a lot to spend a little time every day this month to prep for NaNoWriMo (yes you need to plan for it), I figured, why not do a little something for ME every day to celebrate my birthday month and take a photo of what I did.


I liked that idea, turned to Google for some inspiration and found this blog post that gave me food for thought to create my own list – a list that I reserve the right to modify and/or postpone certain items since I’m still dealing with a fractured hand.

No, I’m not going to share my entire list with you here.


What I will do is try to post a daily photo on Instagram as “accountability” for myself. If you are curious, you can drop in on my Instagram from time to time.

As a starter, I have already checked off #7 from my list of 31 today and it was delicious.  🙂


M xoxo


13 thoughts on “October, Birthdays and NaNoWriMo Prep #nanoprep #birthday

  1. I love your birthday month idea! Maybe I will steal it. 🙂 But my birthday month is June so it’s going to be a while…

    My wedding anniversary is this month. But we don’t do anything special.

    And you are not 102! You’re young… like me. 🙂 Happy Birthday. ♥

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