NaNoWriMo Inklings #nanoprep

Remember how I was going on and on about song titles for a short story?

Well, “Jessie’s Girl” sparked an inkling of a potential story. I don’t know what the female character’s name will be yet but the male character would definitely be “Jessie” if I pursue this story.

Tell me what you think of this spark…

I needed fresh air to catch my breath and my only option was to escape to the courtyard. But the summer air was just as heavy as Jessie’s breath soon was against my exposed neck for the second time.

“Do you remember the taste of my lips?”

I squeezed my eyes shut as his words bounced off of my skin. “I haven’t wasted any of my precious time thinking about you Jessie. I haven’t thought about you in years.”

But I had. I remembered being Jessie’s girl like it was yesterday.

When his lips brushed against my neck, my head betrayed me by falling back slightly. Jessie took it as a silent invitation.

Jessie chuckled. “Well, I remember everything, absolutely everything. How you taste, the nooks and crannies of every sweet spot of your…”

I shook myself away from him but not before his hand slid down my arm to take my hand in his. As thoughts of how uncomfortable my engagement ring suddenly felt within his grasp, his body bristled and he forced me to turn around. With his hand still holding mine, he lifted it up to stare at the sizable sparkly diamond. Surprise was written all over his face.

I couldn’t even enjoy a moment’s worth of vindication before he rolled his eyes in disbelief at my ring. “What?”

“This is so not you.” Jessie’s snickering tone hadn’t changed.

“What is your problem Jessie? You had your chance and you played me!”

“No, life played us. You know that what we had together was mind-blowing…”

I wrenched my hand.”Whatever we used to have wasn’t even real. And what’s in the past is going to stay right there. I’m only looking forward.”

For the first time ever since I had known him, I couldn’t read Jessie’s face. I was even more confused when he took my hand again and ran his thumb across my engagement ring.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Jessie smiled for the longest moment. “I’m thinking about the look on your fiance’s face when you give this back to him.”

“Excuse me?!”

Before I knew it, Jessie’s lips were sampling mine. “Whoever your man is, he doesn’t stand a chance. I’m not asking you to look back. I’m asking you to look forward with me.”

All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews

This could be the beginning of a NaNoWriMo short story….stay tuned!  


M  xoxo


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