“Whirlwind Of Stupid” – A Prelude to #NaNoWriMo

This (updated) piece is a semi-prologue to the fiction I will be working on during NaNoWriMo – Kate’s story

I’m sitting on the edge of the bathtub waiting for the plumber to arrive.

Though my feet are dangerously close to a stinky brown puddle on the ceramic bathroom floor, my focus is not on the nasty toilet overflow but  on the view of my lush green garden mocking me through the bathroom window. I never have time to enjoy the garden anymore because I’m always inside the house dealing with all kinds of crap.

And today, it literally is “crap”.

I hop over the puddle and out of the bathroom, head to the living room to rescue my still-hot cup of coffee and plunk myself down into my reading chair by the window.

I’m starting to hate this house.

The house that my ex-husband John bought after we were married. The house I poured my heart and soul into to make a “home”…

The same house I fought tooth and nails for as part of the divorce settlement.

But now, I just hate it and all the sad memories that waft through its empty space. I am convinced that I must have been a horrible person in my past life. Why else would I end up like this?

I despise this frickin’ house.

Unlike that stupid movie from years ago, John didn’t have me “at hello”. But he was very persistent unlike the few other men I had been with before him. Between John wearing me down and my oh-so-supportive mother insisting that I wouldn’t find better, I gave in and let him “have me”. But it wasn’t hard to fall for him and when I did, I totally trusted him…

I mean, for one, John wasn’t an ugly man but his confident nature made up for whatever he lacked in looks. He treated me like a princess and gave me the kind of attention I had always longed for. I was the center of his world (or so I thought), the girl he couldn’t get enough of and he was always ready to please.

Our coupling was like one of those sappy romantic Hallmark movies (that I now hate too) where the leading man is almost perfect, does all the right things and life is happily ever after. Back then, John had me right where he wanted me – dizzy and hypnotized by a multicolored whirlwind of stupid.


But that fairytale started to fizzle out slowly months after the wedding and gradually got worse. When the twins were born, the never-ending criticisms and never being able to do anything right just never went away and the more I tried to fix things, the more John withdrew.

My “Hallmark” leading man and “great” guy to the rest of the world had been disguised as a slithering snake that had eventually shed his skin and me with it.

Now. here I sit alone in an empty house wondering how I wasted the last twenty years of my life…


All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews




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