“Dog Days Of Mother” – A Prelude to #NaNoWriMo

This (updated) piece is a semi-prologue to the fiction I will be working on during NaNoWriMo – Kate’s story

When the doorbell rings, I jump up and rush to the door with my coffee in hand.

The plumber.

Before I open it, I take a deep nervous breath hoping against hope that it’s not Edward, the plumber’s son who is doing service calls today. The last time Edward was here, he made a remark about how we should go for coffee and discuss the book I had been reading at that time. Supposedly, Edward had been reading the same book but with his good looks, the gym looked more  like his hobby than being a bookworm.

I got the impression that he was flirting but with his looks and the age difference between us, I know that I was wrong. Regardless, Edward makes me nervous – nervous enough to hope that it’s not him at my door. I’ve been out of the “man game” for so long that I wouldn’t know what to do with any man, much less a younger one.

I open the door and before I can react, a small darkk blur brushes past my knees and I yell, spilling my coffee onto the floor. My daughter Hannah is standing in front of me, annoyance clouding her face. I turn and see Oscar, the dog she bought for her boyfriend’s birthday, sniffing around my living room and excitedly jumping from the floor to the couch and then onto my reading chair.

“I have to leave Oscar with you for the afternoon,’ Hannah declares with not so much as a hello.

“Excuse me? Why in God’s name would I want that? You know that I don’t want anything to do with dogs!”

Hannah shrugs her shoulders impatiently and when I hear a crash behind me, I don’t dare look around to see what Oscar has broken.

“I have no choice. Chris and I are spending Mother’s day with his folks and they are allergic to dogs. I can’t take him with us.”

“Mother’s Day?”

“Duh! That’s what I just said!”

Today is Mother’s Day?

“Oscar usually takes a shit in the afternoon so you’ll need to take him out later.”

I wish I could put a bar of soap in her mouth…

“Hannah, no! I can’t watch him. I’m waiting for the plumber…”

“Which means that you’re here for the afternoon with nothing better to do. I’ll be back around 7PM. Or whenever.”

Times like these make me regret having kids.

All that time, energy, and the best years of my life to take the best care of them as a married single mother and this is what I get?

A son who probably forgot what day it was and an ungrateful bratty daughter who makes my life difficult just for sport.

Without even thinking to tell me “Happy Mother’s Day”, Hannah jets down the front walkway back to her boyfriend’s car just as Edward is stepping out of his truck. I watch as she turns and gives Edward a not-so-subtle once over before getting into the car.

Edward waves to me, saunters up to the door and notices Oscar who has now taken up residence next to me like he lives here. Edward smiles but I don’t smile back.

“Well, you don’t look like you’re having a good Mother’s Day, Mrs. Kavanaugh.”

Edward kneels to pet Oscar.

“You can say that again. I’m having a dog day…literally. Come on in. And please call me Kate. I haven’t been Mrs. Kavanaugh in years, Edward.”

Edward steps in and as I shut the door, he gives me a wider smile.

“Okay Kate. And “Edward” is my father’s name. Call me Eddie. All my friends do.” His eyes twinkle and I get that flirty vibe from him again. I glance down at Oscar who has taken an interest in our conversation and seems to get that vibe too.

“Uh, okay Edward…I mean, Eddie.”

“See how much better that sounds Kate?”

My stomach flips at the lilt in his voice. I quickly turn on my heels to lead him to the bathroom where the toilet has backed up with Oscar at our heels…

All Rights Reserved ©2018 Marquessa Matthews


16 thoughts on ““Dog Days Of Mother” – A Prelude to #NaNoWriMo

  1. Kate’s a cougar? LMAO! Enjoyed it…except for Hannah. She needs to have a life-altering (or ending) event. The disrespect is too much and she’s too damn old. Get over yourself, Hannah! *ROFL!*

    Need to have a drink before I visit your blog! 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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