X is for “eXcuses” #nanowrimo #fiction

“White walls, no splashes of color, white decor…I longed for the lush green and blue colors of Hawaii. And Galen…”

“How can you be so calm?”

Meghan linked her arm with mine as we made our way up to my doctor’s office. As we got into the elevator, I shrugged my shoulders.

“Because it’s not like I’m getting bad news. I’ve already gotten the bad news. All I want from this visit is to get a referral to a specialist and for them to stop leaving me messages. I checked my home voice mail just after I landed and there’s like a dozen messages from them.”

“Maybe it’s because of the way you walked out on them.” Meghan gave me an incredulous look. “You know, you aren’t the same woman who I found crumpled up in that doorway weeks ago. What happened to the Kate I knew?”

I smiled thinking back to the wonderful time I had had.

“She decided to get out of her own way.”

“Or maybe it’s about that man who got into you,” she laughed as we made our way down the hallway to the office. “That man must really have worked some wicked magic on your…”

“No,” I cut her off. “It wasn’t just Galen. There were lots of little things that happened before I even met him. It’s hard to explain. Hawaii opened my eyes to many different things about myself.”

Before I reached out to open the office door, I stopped and took a deep breath.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m so tired. I should never have scheduled this appointment the same day that I got back. I’m dead tired.” I snickered at my own words. “Dead tired. Get it?”

Meghan’s face twitched with discomfort.

“Well, I’m glad that you can joke about it but I can’t. I still can’t wrap my head around all of this.”

We joined the line at the medical secretary’s desk to sign in. It was the same young lady I had walked away from the last time I had been there.

When it was my turn, the secretary was all over me like white on rice. I didn’t even need to remind her of my name.

“Ms. Reynolds. Our office has been trying to contact you for the longest time…I mean, for that follow-up.”

“I was away,” I told her and pulled Megan along to sit at the far end of the room. I could feel the nervousness radiating from her.

“I’m freaking out a bit Kate. I hate doctors and I hate doctor’s offices.”

“Well, you had better relax because we’re in for a long wait.”


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I took out my cell and started scrolling through my cell, hoping for but nor finding a text from Galen.

“You never did send me any photos of your guy. Is it because you want to keep him all to yourself or was he just really a troll?” Meghan whispered, tried to joke.

“Oh, Galen was definitely no troll. I was just too busy enjoying my time to think about sending pics. And when I ran out of space on my phone, I uploaded them most of them to the cloud. I’m not hiding anything about him…I’ll send you the link to my cloud now.”

I had barely sent the link to Meghan and was just about to show her the last picture I’d taken with him when I heard my name being called. We hadn’t been sitting for more than 5 minutes. We both looked at each other in surprise. One of the other secretary’s ushered into the doctor’s office and as we took a seat, my last visit flashed back through my mind.

White walls, no splashes of color, white decor…I longed for the lush green and blue colors of Hawaii. And Galen.

The doctor rushed into the room, looking quite flustered.

“How have you been Kate?” she started with small talk that I didn’t care to have. I just wanted the referral so that I could be on my merry way.

“I feel as good as I can considering the circumstances Doctor. Oh, this is my friend Megan.” I watched as they acknowledged each other. “I’ll make this quick Doctor. I just need a referral to a specialist. No offense to you but I need to get a second opinion so that I can decide on what’s best for me.”

The doctor eyed me nervously.

What’s up with all these people today?

The doctor opened her file, scanned the first page and then shut my file.

“About that referral…I don’t know how to tell you this so I’ll just dive right in. There was an incident with one of the technicians at the hospital lab and it was discovered that a number of errors were made by him with respect to patient results being wrongly attributed. He’s been since fired.”

I still wasn’t sure where this story was going. All I had wanted was to get a referral and leave, not a story about a fired employee at the hospital.

The doctor took a very long pause and I felt Meghan grab onto my leg – hard.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Meghan shrilled.

“Kate, we’ve been trying to reach for weeks to tell you that you are completely healthy. Those test results weren’t yours.”

The room was spinning, I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt like I would hit the floor.

What the fuck?!” Meghan was livid. “Are you telling me that Kate’s been bugging out about dying for almost two months because some asshole mixed up her results?”

What? I’m not dying? I’m not dying.

“Yes, but if Kate had just come back as she should have when she should have, the matter could have been cleared up weeks ago,” the doctor defended.

I was still too much in shock to truly absorb that she was throwing the blame at me. I was still hearing “healthy” reverberating in my head.

But Meghan wasn’t having any of it and jumped out of her chair.

“You almost killed her just from the stress of it all and now you have the audacity to blame her? What kind of person are you with all these fucking eXcuses?” Meghan looked down at me, her face full of concern that I wasn’t saying anything. “Kate? Are you okay? I think that you’re in shock.”

Meghan sat back down and took my hand as the doctor stood up and came around to where I sat. She crouched down to my level and searched my face.

The room went silent as they both stared at me.

“Kate? Aren’t you going to say something?”

I looked at Meghan and then to the doctor who knelt before me. I gently took the doctor’s hand and took a deep breath.

“Mahalo,” I whispered.

Continuation – Y is for “Yes”

©2017 Marquessa Matthews.

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22 thoughts on “X is for “eXcuses” #nanowrimo #fiction

  1. Wow. Awesome twist. I’m wondering how I would feel. Mad or glad? Going to Hawaii and meeting Galen was such a great thing for her, that it’s hard not to see the mistake as a blessing in disguise. Pretty awful mistake though.

    Liked by 1 person

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