Y is for “Yes” #nanowrimo #fiction

“I almost dropped the phone at hearing the sleepy woman’s voice on the other end of the line. I was speechless and my world started to spin again. My stomach sank and I no longer knew what to think.

This could not be happening to me. My Galen could not do this to me… ”


I lay in bed staring out the window long before the sun thought about raising its sleepy head.

The good news I had gotten from the doctor combined with missing the warmth of Galen’s body next to mine in bed had me unable to sleep for the past two days.

I was still partially in disbelief, thinking that the doctor would call and tell me that another mistake had been made…that I was dying for real this time. All I had been doing was thinking and talking to Meghan since she had dropped me home… Though she had insisted I stay at her house for a while, I needed space to myself. After leaving the doctor’s office, my first impulse had been to call my kids but then I remembered that no one had known except for Meghan and Galen.


Before the diagnosis, I had never had the desire to really live for myself. After the diagnosis, I had somehow decided to live to die. And now with absolutely no diagnosis, I was dying to live.

It was barely two days but I already knew what I needed.

I needed to continue saying yes to me.

It had felt good and now that I had experienced it, I was never going to let anyone dull that feeling ever again.

Saying yes had gotten me out of my comfort zone and had led to so many exciting experiences…facing the fear of travelling solo for the first time in my life, discovering what a true friend I had in Meghan, using my voice at Hannah and not backing down, the challenge of trekking up Diamond Head and meeting no nonsense Gran, the protectiveness of Jennifer and Joshua who had led me to Galen…

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…the beautiful man who had saved me from a killer cockroach, introduced me to the Banyan Tree, malasadas and cliff jumping.

…the soulful man who made me believe in who he was as a person and that I could believe in love again.

…the man who made me realize that I was worthy of love, attention, protection and most importantly, that I could love myself again.

I needed to tell Galen that I was fine as soon as I could, regardless of the time difference.

I grabbed my cell and texted him good morning and while I waited for a response, I got up and made myself a mug of Kona coffee that he must have packed in my bag while I wasn’t looking.

Typical Galen.

When I finished my coffee and I still had no return text, I decided to call him instead.


I almost dropped the phone at hearing the sleepy woman’s voice on the other end of the line. I was speechless and my world started to spin again. My stomach sank and I no longer knew what to think.

This could not be happening to me. My Galen could not do this to me…

Who was she? 

And what was she doing boldly answering Galen’s cell?

“Hello? Helloooo.”

It was clear that the woman was becoming annoyed. I swallowed hard and bit the bullet.

“Could I speak to Galen please?”

I held my breath and waited.

“Who? I think you have the wrong number.”

I stared down at my cell to check. I hadn’t made a mistake.

“No. I’ve got the right number. Could I speak with Galen?”

“I told you that you have the wrong number. You know, you woke me up…”

“That’s not possible, about the number I mean. I’ve been texting a man at this number for the past two weeks.”

There was a moment of silence and then I heard her sigh.

“Oh, I get it now. I just got this number activated yesterday. Whoever you are trying to reach must have changed to a new number. Sorry dear, aloha.”

And with that, the mystery woman hung up on me.

How could Galen have changed his number and not tell me? Was that woman even telling the truth? 

With no way to reach out to Galen unless he did first, I remembered that Jennifer had put her number into my cell. I decided to give her a try. Jennifer had been the one who had given me Galen’s number so maybe she and Joshua had another number for him.

But when I scrolled through my contacts, I could not find Jennifer’s name or number. I searched and searched and came up with nothing.

What the hell was going on?

It was just at that moment that my cell rang and I answered without looking at the caller id.

“How are you doing? Has the shock worn off yet?” It was Meghan checking in.

“I’m good. And no, it still hasn’t fully sunk in.”

I tried to keep my voice upbeat but my mind was racing.

“Have you told Galen yet? He is going to totally freak out on you when you do!”

“I plan telling him today,” I said. I didn’t want to say anything about Galen until I had sorted the situation out.

“Oh, by the way, I think that you sent me the wrong link to your photos on the cloud. There were only photos of you and a bunch of other great beach and landscapes shots. I’m dying to see what this Galen looks like so be sure to send me the right link.”

“Meghan, I only have one shareable link to my cloud…”

“Well, you must have another because I looked at them all and there were no photos of him.”

I heard shuffling in the background. “I’ll talk to you later. I’ve got to get to the office.”

When we hung up, I immediately accessed my cloud and had the shock of my life as I scrolled through each and every photo I had taken in Oahu and Maui…

Continuation – Z is for “Zori”

Photo credit: Foter.com

©2017 Marquessa Matthews.

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