#26 – Set Boundaries and Stick To Them

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who bends their boundaries depending on the circumstances.

Yes, being flexible is important but bending too many boundaries one too many times can be detrimental.

Like offering to be available for work emergencies when you are officially on vacation or allowing the neighbors to leave their kids with you for the umpteenth time (under the guise of a play date) while they are off doing who knows what…

I’m sure that a number of ways that you bend your own boundaries comes to mind.

I’ve started jotting down the problems that occur or how I feel whenever I don’t stick to my boundaries and just the act of writing my boundaries down is serving as a great reminder of why I need to stick to them.

Do you always stick to the boundaries you have set?

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4 thoughts on “#26 – Set Boundaries and Stick To Them

  1. Richmond Road says:

    Here’s the trick. Sit down and map it all out. Make a list of things that you’re really not happy to be a part of – things that would annoy you just a little bit. And then turn the dial anti-clockwise by two notches.

    In other words, if you really don’t want to look after your sister’s kids more than once a fortnight, then set a firm rule that you cannot help her out more than once every two months. If you think it is unreasonable to reply to work emails after 6PM then don’t even open any after 4PM. If you have decided, that under no circumstances, would you sleep ever with another individual then formalise the fact that you won’t even have a coffee with them. Ever.

    Because, let’s face it, you will weaken from time to time. You are a genuinely kind and generous person and you are surrounded by selfish, uncaring parasites who will take advantage of even the slightest sign of weakness. So you need some room to move.

    Sympathy is your enemy.

    But look. While I have your attention I should tell you the facts. Thanks for listening, dear friend.

    I just lost my job (the stuff you’ve heard about the girl and the photocopier has been grossly exaggerated) and my Mom has this weird condition that requires her to watch (under supervision) at least 12 hours of football a week. There’s been a bit of a mixup at the bank. Is there any chance that you could spare $300 and look after my pet zebra for a week or so?

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    • Marquessa says:

      Mr. Road, you always make me laugh. All excellent points! Except for the fact that the photos taken by the photocopier have circulated around town, your Mom needs to find a better sport to watch and most of all, that zebra of yours ate my last $300! 🙂

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