D is for “Don’t Want To Be A Fool” #atozchallenge

Don’t Want To Be A Fool


Breaking into Bruno’s apartment is a very, very, very, bad idea but I’m doing it anyways.

I can just see the headlines now – “Crazy doctor arrested for breaking into her doctor boyfriend’s home to search for engagement ring”.

Technically, I have a key so it’s not really breaking in. At least, that’s what I’ve convinced myself of.

I’m just going to let myself in, look around a little and leave. No harm, no foul.

“Are you parked around the corner away from his house like I told you to do?”

Athena’s voice booms in my ear and startles the living daylights out of me. I’ve owned the hands-free earpiece for years but never used it until today. I’m sitting for so long in my car with my hands are gripping the steering wheel and I feel frozen to my seat.

Yeah, this is a bad idea. Everyone knows that curiosity killed the cat.

“Kiki, answer me!”

“Yeah, yeah, I hear you. Remind me why I’m doing this again?”

Athena takes a breath and calmly reminds me. “Because you’re curious and hate surprises. Because you want to know why he’s acting weird. And because you want to know if he’s going to put a ring on your finger.”

“And where do I look first? Maybe his nightstand drawer?”

I feel like some kind of spy talking to her through the earpiece, like I’m in an episode of a television cop show where they are strategizing about their plan of attack.

“No, you stay over there way too often for him to risk an obvious spot like that. If he has a ring stashed anywhere in the house, he would simply hide it somewhere you never go. No offense but Bruno is one of those guys who are smart but really stupid when it comes to being creative. Check the freezer, his underwear drawer and the pocket of his favorite suit as soon as you go in.”

“Uh, okay, I can do this, I can do this…”

“You can only do this if you get your ass out of the car and into the house Kiki…”

Athena is right. I get out, hide my purse under the front seat and head towards Bruno’s place with his key already in my hand. As I walk quickly, the call-waiting beep comes through my earpiece.

“For God’s sake! I keep getting calls from a weird 332 area code.”

“Probably telemarketers. Just ignore it. Do you want me to stay on the line as you look around?”

“No. I can’t multitask like that. I’ll call you afterwards.”

“Okay. Are you sure that Bruno won’t be back until after 7:00PM?”

“That’s what he said. He and his partner are interviewing for a new receptionist at the clinic. With traffic downtown, he won’t be here before that time. Guaranteed. I’ve got a few hours but I don’t plan on looking around for that long.”

“Well, take advantage of the opportunity. I know that I would. Call me as soon as you’re back in the car.”

I figure out how to end the call by touching the edge of the earpiece itself and make my way to the front door. My hands shake as I let myself in. As usual, Bruno’s place is spotless. Everything is in its rightful place so I’m going to need to be extra careful with anything I touch. He could very well notice if I leave something out of place.

My first stop is the freezer. I sift through the frozen dinners, ice cream and veggies and find nothing. In the living room, I check his desk drawer and the storage section of the coffee table. Nothing. In the bedroom, I check both nightstands and then gently rifle through his underwear and sock drawer. I come up empty.

I slide the closet door open and find his suits. I shove my hands into all of the pockets and come up dry until I get to the very last one that he wears the most often. I feel something rigid and with one quick tug, I have a small square ring box staring back at me.

Oh. My. God.

I crack it open and the most beautiful diamond ring is sitting pretty and sparkly in the box. My hands are shaking so much that I always drop the box to the floor.

He’s going to propose. Oh my God, I’m getting married!

I’m excited but still have the wherewithal to take a photo of the ring to show Athena later. I admire it a little more before taking a seat at the edge of the bed to continue staring at it.

Bruno is an overall good guy. I can picture us having a better relationship than the one of toleration that my folks have with each other. We can be happy. When he asks, I can say yes. I will say yes. Yes. 

My heart is still pounding with excitement that I barely hear keys opening Bruno’s front door.

Who the hell is that? It can’t be Alice the cleaning lady. It’s not Friday!

Panicked and like a maniac, I jump up, smooth the spot on the bed where I was sitting and slip the ring box back into the suit pocket.

Shit, shit, shit! Maybe she switched her cleaning day?

The footsteps are headed in my direction, loud and fast and I’m stuck in the bedroom with no escape. My only option is to jump into the closet, close its’ door and crouch down in the corner.

I am so totally busted.

And now my nerves have got me wanting to pee…

If Alice catches me, I’m toast. And when she tells Bruno, he’s going to dump me.

I crouch as far back in the closet I can. My urge to pee slips away from my mind as I hear the fridge door open, close and then the cracking open of a soda pop can.

Alice helps herself to the fridge when she’s here? Okay.

But as the heaviness of footsteps get closer, I quickly realize that Alice’s barely 5’1 ft and 100 pound body wouldn’t make such noise.

It isn’t Alice in the house.

It’s Bruno and he’s home early.

And my cell starts to buzz with that stupid 332 area code number.

Shit.  I’m done…

© Copyright 2019 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved

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14 thoughts on “D is for “Don’t Want To Be A Fool” #atozchallenge

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Love your music theme too. I just like pieces that have them, like the soundtrack that goes with them. I kept think of Beyoncé “If you like it than you should’ve put a ring on it . ..” in this piece b/c her wording has become everyday slang. Especially when she’s hiding in the closet, guess what ring tone goes off. But then she fumbles and “Don’t want to be a fool starts playing.” Lol. Loving this so far. 🥰

    Liked by 2 people

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