Bigger Is Not Always Better

Another A to Z Challenge is over.

I changed course like I explained in this post but I love how writing challenges always provide me with a base for a longer story and this last A to Z confirmed what I already knew:

Novels may be bigger but bigger is not always better.

Novellas are my “thing”.

I said “novellas”, not “telenovelas”, though I like them too.

With a novella, a story can be told more quickly and it’s a great way to decide if I want to convert a story into a lengthier piece.

And in these days of busy, busy, and more busy, readers seem to want quickie reads.

Novella, novel or a book the size of an old telephone book. What’s your preference?

M xoxo

7 thoughts on “Bigger Is Not Always Better

  1. Currently, I gravitate more towards novellas but I wouldn’t mind a novel provided the story is engaging enough. When I was younger, I’d gladly wade through books the size of a telephone book but those days are gone 🙂

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  2. For reading I go more for novels. I love a good long story. I thought I wanted to write novels but I’m starting to think novellas are gonna be better for me too.

    How long does it take you to write a novella?

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    1. Ohh, now that’s a good question. I wrote 3 during my last A to Z challenges (30 days each) but have gotten stuck at editing phases + a good dose of fear involved. 🙄


  3. John Steinbeck is my favorite author for this very reason. I always marveled at how he could write a short novel with clear moral teachings. However, I’ve begun reading more and more memoirs, and they are pretty lengthy.

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