I’ve been in hiding…

I wasn’t put in the witness protection program or anything like that…

I’ve just felt the need to make myself scarce and concentrate on things that are completely non-writing-related.

To be honest, I haven’t written anything creative in months and strangely enough, I don’t feel badly about it.

I can’t be creative when my energy is focused on “life” issues that are much more important than writing.

And right now, I’m embracing the people in my life and taking advantage of their presence while I still have the opportunity.

Life is short, the clock is ticking for all of us and the time is “now” for so many things in our lives.

Would you agree?

Go take your kids for an ice cream, say yes to that barbecue invitation you were going to turn down or give someone you haven’t spoken to in ages a call.

I’ll be around here and there over the summer. Take care and talk soon until I resurface again… 🙂


13 thoughts on “I’ve been in hiding…

  1. Last time I checked you appeared to be spending an inordinate amount of time in a bikini with your feet up looking out over the beach and the waves and out over the horizon.
    Is this your idea of ‘“life” issues that are much more important than writing.’????
    If so, I could not agree with you more.

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    1. Bikini? I wish I could wear one of those again. Lol. That enchanted island is always a slice of heaven but when you’re taking care of others health needs and life issues, time to truly disconnect is a challenge. But the bright side is that I had a few hours a day of zen just for me. 😀


  2. I agree with you completely. The loved ones in your life should always be your top priority. One day they — or you — will be gone, and time not spent together cannot be recovered.

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  3. mandibelle16

    Marquessa. I have to agree we go through periods in life where for the most part, the right words don’t flow. It can be frustrating or as you feel now, quite relaxing not to have such a need to release all your words. But, they’ll
    Go back. It’s been strange. I would honestly call
    The last 2 years of my life hard to find the right words, despite growth in other areas. But, today and since I started andade myself finish NaPoWriMo (3 months and a bit to do wahoo) other words of fiction and poetry have been coming back with life changes. It’s almost weird to me how they’re just flowing again. Great to hear from you! Enjoy summer hon!

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