An Introvert’s Commitment

Committing to anything, anyone and everything else is easy but when the commitment involves doing something just for me, it’s freaking hard.  I give up after a few half-assed attempts.

But if I want to get back into the writing groove, I need to shake things up.

Get out of my comfort zone.

Commit to doing something small and see it through to the end.

That something is going to be joining a book club.

I’m not in writing mode so I should at least be reading as writers are supposed to.

But my inner introvert voice is already encouraging me to run in the opposite direction…

It’s a big book club and you’re going to have to talk to people you don’t know. The minute you get there, you know that you’re gonna want to leave…

You can read those same books in the comfort of your home alone in your comfortable pyjamas with a tasty snack…

Why waste money on more books when you’ve got three piles of unread ones next to the sofa?

Y’all, my inner introvert voice is exhausting but I’m going to ignore it.

I’m committing to reading these books below. Book club meets once a month starting in the fall and to get a jump start on things, I just ordered the first book from Amazon.

Who knows, maybe I’ll stumbled upon a fellow introvert in the book club who is also I writer.

Fingers crossed.  🙂

Are you in any book clubs? Do you enjoy it?

15 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Commitment

  1. I’ve been in several (okay, a couple dozen) book clubs over the years but I gave up on them long ago. I met some great folks and actually enjoyed my time in them, but each group, in turn, fell into the same rut – reading the same book (trope) over and over again. When questions/input about ‘book 1’ could apply to books ‘5-6-6-7-8′ – I walked.

    A few groups also had hosts/moderators who tried to steer the group to THEIR mindset. If one didn’t agree, then they “didn’t understand or fully grasp the protagonist’s journey.’ Meh.

    Too many also pulled buzzy/trendy selections or from bestsellers’ list for my liking. Six choices from the top ten list really isn’t a choice. “Bestseller” doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good book’ so much as ‘great marketing.’ I found that out the hard – and expensive – way.

    So I go my own way now. Reading suspense today, romance tomorrow, and fantasy next week.

    That being said, my older sis in Atlanta has been in the SAME book club for 14 years and loves it! The club is an important part of member’s lives and they have birthday/holiday parties and some have even vacationed together.

    Never worked out like that for me. Maybe it’s the rebellious introvert in me? 😜😜😜

    Have fun and enjoy!

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    1. I’m going to keep an open mind. I attended an author’s visit they hosted and everyone was very friendly. Made me realize that it would be good to involve myself in something other than work, work some more and eldercare. It’s the only English book club they have so I’ll stick it out for the year and see how it goes. 😉


    2. I used to be a part of a book club but the host/moderator ended it quickly. The discussions we had over a book was awesome, we respected each other’s opinions(African American romance club) I wish to start my own actually and because I have varied tastes(historical, spiritual, dark fantasy, sci/fi) people will never know what to expect😀

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        1. I was thinking online temporarily until I can get an offline group together..It would be awesome I believe but the meeting times and everything, would have to coordinated well of course lol! Plus, this is so needed because I read amazing books all the time and I am sure others do too and we should just share what we have read and have fun. I admire what you are doing.

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  2. I almost joined a book club. I met them on Twitter and they’re actually an award-winning black book club. It was lovely. But they had too many rules/bylaws about what to wear, how to engage, how many meetings you could miss, etc. and it was too much for me.

    I’ve also had an informal book club with two bloggers: one was in Australia and the other the UK. We each chose a book and discussed virtually (e.g., email/Google Doc).

    I don’t mind discussing a book with someone informally, but HAVING to meet at a certain time on a certain day? That’s #teamtoomuch

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    1. Rules? Uh, hard pass on that. I prefer the informal route too but I’m forcing myself to do “different”. The book club has a long waiting list (only English one at library) but they snuck me in due to my participation in their memoir writing class. Fingers crossed!

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  3. I wish you well with the book club you’re joining. I have mixed feelings about book clubs. I was in one for a couple of years that I enjoyed, but the meeting place was inconvenient — too far to drive, so I withdrew. The one I’m in now is conveniently located, but my taste in books is out of step with the majority of the group. As time goes by, I’m reading fewer and fewer of the chosen books. There are too many books on my TBR for me to spend time reading fluff. Don’t know how much longer I’ll hang in there.

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    1. The important thing is that you enjoy the books that you are reading. Being far away from the location isn’t fun but at least I don’t have that issue. I’m hoping it will also motivate me to mix and mingle more. 🙂


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