Is it synchronicity?

Lately, I keep stumbling across many of my blogger friends who have taken a social media break, are currently on a break or will be taking a break because they are either social media’ed out or just need to redirect their focus to more important things for now.

I totally get that.

I’ve been keeping my blog at arm’s length since I returned home from vacation and it has felt good. So good that I’m thinking about going cold turkey from all social media platforms for a while.

Strange but true – I don’t miss my blog.

And it is indeed strange because there was a time when I loved finding things to blog. But the more I keep my distance, the more my “writing” thoughts are becoming clearer.

The fears I had left about writing are all but gone and I think that I’ve found an approach to overcome the intimidation I feel over self-publishing without getting egg on my face.

Part of my writing problem was also that the gaggle of characters I had in my head back when I was in my 20s were also in their 20’s like me.

Well, I’m far from being in my 20s and have zero interest in writing about 20-somethings at my age. But I guess that I still had to sort of “mourn” the loss of what I could have written.

But nothing happens before it’s time, right?

The more I keep my WordPress posts infrequent, the deeper I feel I can breathe. So maybe I will take a break from other social media platforms for a while…who knows?

M  xoxo

11 thoughts on “Synchronicity?

  1. I have pretty much quit Facebook and Twitter a while back, and I enjoy the freedom of not getting sucked into scrolling around to ”know” everything going on. I only keep active on my blog and on Instagram now. And I like it like that 🙂 If you feel the need for a break from all platforms, I say go for it! You’ll know when it is time to come back, IF you feel the need to do so 🙂 Travel safe through ”real” life, Marquessa! And beware, I think there is a melting warning for the weekend 😛 LOL

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    1. Yeah, I think I might though I don’t do much on Twitter except try to follow the latest dramas in Romancelandia so I may delete the app for a while. And I’m only on FB for the Groups I belong to (but don’t have time to interact much) so I might delete for now too. I love IG and that would be hard to give up since there are a couple people I really enjoy following. Yeah…WP and IG may be the ones I stick to for now like you. 🙂 Stay cool!


  2. I feel exactly where you are coming from, Marquessa. As I delve deeper into my crafts and my writing, I leave social media platforms alone, little by little. I totally miss the challenges and reading my blogger friends’ thoughts but with work 40+ hours per week, my new crocheting habit and writing(I may post a review or 2)… Geesh! Taking a step back for clarity is a must. Thanks for posting!

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    1. YAS! You hit the nail on the head – “clarity”. I love the interaction of regular blogging bit when it starts to feel like a chore…time to break! WP and IG is what I may stay with for now 🙂

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  3. I think that we get hoodwinked into thinking that volumes upon volumes of work is better than an indepth chapter. Being burnt out is really what it sounds like. I step away from my blog regularly because it helps me recharge creativity. Now, I do the same with Instagram, because that is the platform where I’m most active as well, it tends to just become too stressful in between editing and writing captions. Whatever works basically. Enjoy your break.

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  4. I like your thoughts about cutting back so you can accomplish other goals. Thinking of juggling, how many balls can we keep in the air at the same time? We keep trying to add more and more and what can happen is we drop them all !
    Instead you show terrific organization knowledge by picking what you want to accomplish and doing those first. Absolutely smart because emails, social media, blogging all distract and take time and energy. Our best energy should be applied to our top priority and the other balls juggled later.

    I read recently on that email should not be checked first in the day which most of us probably do. This site stated that when we do that we allow others to change our priorities to theirs as we feel compelled to react to their emails. We need to set our own priorities, and I wish you every success 🙂

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